Time Travelling

We're entering deeper into a period of re-evaluation as Messenger Mercury stations retrograde, joining Warrior Mars in a backtrack through time. With both Mercury and Mars being personal planets this period is about taking a respite from the ceaseless demands of subjective thoughts and drives to consider what has real value in your life. Time to get off the hamster wheel of 21st century life and step back to consider what you're enjoying and what may be just the treadmill of habit.

Habit is a key theme in this Mercury retrograde for often its our routines and preferences that bring us a sense of comfort and security. Mercury is tracking back through the sign of Taurus, traditionally associated with how we feel comfortable and secure in the body, how we experience ourselves as valuable (or not) and what is important to us as individuals. Money, possessions, material and physical comfort, food, enjoyment of life's natural abundance are Taurean themes. It's not too far a stretch to see the association with security, on our human level. For generally it's in our capacity to create, hold and maintain these aspects of life that we feel life is good. Perhaps that we are 'good'? For our cultural definition of success is still so tied up in what we have, even given our movement beyond these cultural norms into a deeper knowing of our true nature as beings.

This Mercury retrograde (and Mars in tandem) provides an opportunity to explore just what has real value in your life and exactly where your desires and drives take you. It's interesting that Mercury goes retrograde exactly opposite where Mars will station direct on 30th June, so we cannot separate these two journeys into the nature of our desires and attachments. It's a chance for a second look at 'worth' - your worth, the true worth of what you're creating or attracting, and where attachment may be preventing the realisation of that true worth. The second look needs to be a deeper one, and we have the space now to take it. Mercury, being the traveller between worlds, offers the gift of unmasking the true value of what you may have left behind or discarded as worthless in your rush to move on. In this quieter space that's being presented lies the potential of truly seeing what imparts real security, what deeply nourishes, and what is just temporary relief from the discomfort of being vulnerably human. It's a process in which we may take our time; there's no rush. The Taurean nature is slow and steady. It's a worthwhile investment. You're a worthwhile investment.

Questions and themes to consider over this next month.... or so:

- What aspects of your physical life need decluttering, sorting and reappraising?

- Is there something valuable stuffed at the back of your cupboard?

- What assets do you need to realise?

- Is there treasure buried in something you've discarded?

- Consider energy invested - was/is it worth it?

- Old projects - do they need re-energising? or ditching?

- Security and comfort habits - what needs to go?

- Self worth - how is it?

- What do you need to deeply appreciate about yourself?

- What's costing you too much?

Mercury retrograde 28th April - 22nd May : 23 - 14 Taurus

Mars retrograde 18th April - 30th June : 8 Sagittarius - 23 Scorpio

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