Receiving the Harvest

Jupiter, planet of opportunity, expansion and blessings, changes direction on 9th May and is the highlight of a few quieter, kinder weeks until 20th May. Jupiter is currently in the sign of Virgo, focusing our attention towards our work, skills, service and mastery, along with health, habits and routines. Jupiter, with his focus on expansion, is not usually happy in this earth sign of detail, but as we’ve been weathering this small picture emphasis since August 2015, we’re in a place now to reap the rewards – as long as we’ve been paying attention and ‘doing the work’! The week around May 9th in particular highlights this potential.

I see Jupiter as congruous to the Hindu God, Ganesh, Remover of Obstacles. He trains our eye to recognise the small ineffective ways we move and/or move energy, in order that we may purify our way of being. To activate and action our big picture we need to align the detail with the vision. When we do we’re moving in alignment, walking our talk, living the dream, step by step. Jupiter has been moving retrograde (backwards from the perspective of Earth) since January encouraging us to reflect, review and realign our habits, attitudes and skill levels. Now, as Jupiter begins to move forward, what we put in place as vision in last quarter 2015 can begin to manifest, because we’re ready and have, or are removing the obstacles we put in our own way in terms of behaviour.

At the same time Goddess of Love Venus (the other planet of ‘good fortune’) is happily at home in her natural sign Taurus until 24th May. Venus in Taurus makes us more aware of the ‘feel-good’ and abundance of life that is naturally prevalent in late Spring here in the northern hemisphere. Our focus shifts naturally to what we enjoy rather than what we’re lacking. It’s about opening our arms wide to receive the natural goodness and joy of life that’s always there. When Jupiter stations direct on 9th, Venus is sextile to Neptune in Pisces, opening up wonderful feelings of beneficence. Then on 10th she is flowing with abundance in trine to Jupiter. Even with Mercury retrograde currently, the universal doors are opening in manifestation mode over these two days! Make space to really enjoy these first three weeks in May as from 20th when the Sun enters Gemini, and with the potent Full Moon in Sagittarius on 21st, things will both hot up and speed up.

If you've enjoyed this post and want to read more about Jupiter in Virgo go to 'It's the Little Things' and more

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