The Agony & The Ecstasy

Are you called to expand in the power of relating and claiming your deepest desires? Then take a big deep breath, for the exploration of what you want and how you make it happen that’s been with us since mid-April is about to take you into unknown realms. The astrology looks like this: Black Moon Lilith, representing your unclaimed power of the Feminine, moves into Scorpio on 21st May. Messenger Mercury, currently retrograde in Taurus, stations direct on 22nd May. Warrior planet of will and action, Mars, tracks back into Scorpio on 27th May. It’s all about living life to the full. Let’s unpack that and see where it’s leading us.

The Taurus /Scorpio axis stands for our relationship with physicality and sharing that with others - body as in sensuality/sexuality; personal values and resources as in money & physical stuff. Its energy runs from the mundane to the deep, from preservation to transformation: Taurus gifting stability and a foundation for growth, Scorpio revealing the truth that all form must change and pass away, ruling the mysterious processes of life such as developing sexuality, childbirth and death. With both signs being fixed mode they also rule a tendency to attachment; Taurus holding on to physical comforts, Scorpio to emotional ones, even when they’re distorted or painful. This axis stands for desire and the energy that underpins it, with this new phase calling forth awareness of where power is caught up in unconscious motivations. We’re talking all the ‘taboos’ here: sex, death and money. What a potent opportunity for consciousness! Let’s take a look at the three elements involved.

First player on the scene is Black Moon Lilith moving into Scorpio on 21st May, where she’ll play for nine months. The zodiac sign Scorpio represents the underworld, how we journey through it to transform ourselves and in the process reclaim power of authenticity. Black Moon Lilith here marks a journey to reclaim feminine power, including our approach and responses to the unknown mysteries of life. We’re talking everything from sexual magnetism and fascination to betrayals, resistance and obsession; from abuse, shame and vulnerability to ecstasy. Black Moon Lilith is an experiential energy, in her most positive expression acting through a relentless seeking out of the shadows in order to transform them. Scorpio is a very private (some would say secretive) energy. Black Moon Lilith here can revel in what’s most shameful or repulsive yet also leaves no stone unturned in desire to discover the truth of what’s being compromised. It’s not an easy energy but a powerfully magical one, potentially opening up deep energetic & passionate connection, in the willingness to go there. The key is in the profound embrace of what you most reject. For She knows, all is Life in diverse forms. On a wider note, Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio will make some powerful mystical aspects to Neptune, Chiron and the Moon’s Nodes over the rest of 2016, promising profound spiritual illumination, activating kundalini and opening the potential for integration of spirit/body at new levels.

The other two players on this stage, personal planets Mars & Mercury, will be holding either end of the Taurus/Scorpio axis as Mars moves back into Scorpio on 27th. If you’ve been watching, Messenger Mercury, retrograde since 28th April, has been opening insights about what’s most important to you in terms of your physical life and environment; how you feel in your body, what keeps it comfortable (food, wine and fluffy pillows?), what you love and desire, money and resources. Questions of sufficiency and lack/excess will be uppermost during this period, how you use your resources and how they use you! Certainly there are pointers towards what you truly value most, and it may not be what you think it is. Mars retrograde is relevant to this journey as he shows how you take action (or not) on what you love and desire. As he’s been travelling back through Sagittarius (17th April – 27th May) the focus is how and where you use energy to explore and expand; the retrograde revealing how you may get scattered or over-extend, or where/how you hold back. His entry into Scorpio brings the Taurus/Scorpio axis into play, where Mars becomes the surgeon’s scalpel cutting deep into the flesh of intimacy, old relationships, sexual repressions and wounds. As Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio his energy is strong here and as Wise Elder Saturn also passed through this deeply watery sign 2012-2015, it’s likely ‘old loves’ will feature in the revelations of this current phase. 9th June is important date for connections, both inner and communicative as fast moving Mercury opposes retrograde Mars.

So what can you do to support yourself through these times of deep change? Here are a few pointers to open the way:

  • Energy levels may be low or manic – make space for what deeply nourishes you.

  • Examine priorities - nothing is really that important that it can’t wait (aside from real emergencies)

  • Tired or lethargic? Keep energy moving too - on all levels. Physical tiredness may arise from holding on too tight on another level. Unblock the dams in your energy field. Seek support where you need to.

  • Become aware of your attitudes, responses and resistances to intimacy and sexuality, particularly where you compromise, reject or betray yourself.

  • Be open to experiment and experience beyond your boundaries or what you already know. Take risks…. or don’t! Where you do, or where you don’t want to, will show you what you need to know.

  • Be tender yet real with your self in this passage to power.

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