Commitment & Freedom in Relating

Over this next weekend two powerful Feminine Archetypes are meeting in the universe. Black Moon Lilith, what I call 'Creative Feminine Power' who stands for places of power and powerlessness, shame and rejection in the female psyche, and Juno, Asteroid Goddess of Marriage and Commitment.

If you explore the mythology of Lilith & Juno you'll see they are both archetypes that relate to marriage, by that I mean committed partnership.Their relationship journeys took them into the underworld and as they're meeting in Scorpio (the sign of death and rebirth) right now the power of those myths within our psyche is being activated.It's a longish journey as Juno is currently and retrograde and will meet Black Moon Lilith again in mid September. Relationships are certainly up for some deep exploration, especially with Mars also back-tracking into Scorpio at this time (see What Truly Empowers You?)

If we look to the mythology (and to our own deep knowing) Lilith and Juno's responses to the challenge of relating were very different. Juno innately knew and was called to the potential of living divine union on the Earth no matter what, so she stayed with her philandering (myth word there!) husband. Lilith valued equality and the freedom to be herself above anything else and chose to leave Adam rather than compromise the truth of her knowing that man and woman are created equal but different. Yes, this is deep ancient stuff in the psyche.

So where is it leading us? Karmic completions and new beginnings in relating.... woman calling new responses from man .... rage at our outmoded patriarchal systems ....addressing toxicity, addictions, sexual power imbalances with a potential healing of shame, rejection and betrayal ....standing up for what is deeply Right (with no wrong) ...... exposing, embracing and healing deep fear of intimacy .....

This is certainly a challenging journey, mainly because of fears around exposure of our shadow energies, yet it also promises an utterly new level of power-full relating and intimacy for those prepared to dive in. Scorpio is one of the most resourceful, courageous signs of the zodiac - its symbols are the scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix - and it is certainly where the most profound core transformation can take place. It's time to be bravely heart-open and see where this takes you.

Want to know more about Black Moon Lilith and the Asteroid Goddesses? Take a look at 5 Feminine Pathways here

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