What Truly Empowers You?

Consider the process of giving birth…. It’s powerfully active – those pushes demand everything of you. It calls you to draw on hidden resources – resources you may not have tapped before. It requires deep surrender – the baby’s passage into this world is beyond your control. It’s mysterious - opening the door into an unknown place of motherhood and fatherhood. It’s painful – yet the pain also is a doorway… to new life, for the child and for you. Nothing is ever the same once you’ve given birth.

Birth is a Scorpio process, calling forth the transformation that leads from one life phase to another. This deep water sign reveals the choiceless choices we face in the natural processes of life. Choices that may make us feel powerless and afraid, yet choices once taken that change us irrevocably.

There’s a strong focus on Scorpio energy over this next few months. Warrior Mars is backtracking through Scorpio and in total spends four out of twelve months in Scorpio this year. It’s usually around six weeks so this is an unusually long quest for this planet of action. Feminine Goddess Archetypes Black Moon Lilith & Juno are also playing here in Scorpio, so relating and sexuality, our desires, drives, passion, intimacy and commitment are under the spotlight. Another strong focus is how we use our energy and will. The Scorpio underworld is where we find shadow qualities such as jealousy, possession, manipulation, abuse and cruelty – all qualities related to power and its misuse, and of course its partner, powerlessness. We see this in our world too, in fracking, in sexual slavery, in politics, corporations and every facet of life.

So what can Mars retrograde reveal to us about this underworld journey? Do I hear a collective “Oh no, not again’? Yes, this can be a tough passage, but it’s certainly a worthwhile one if you want to be a truly empowered free being. And so much more than that – for as individuals discover the empowerment of their innate freedom, the world changes. The balance of power shifts – energetically at first, then potentially in our structures and forms of culture. These deeper questions about energy and how we use it through intention and action are essential if we choose to be conscious. Not from a place of right or wrong but from the desire to free our self and humanity from slavery of unconsciousness.

Understanding and transforming the power plays that run through our interactions opens the way to a key Scorpio attribute – profound intimacy; intimacy with Life in its Great Mystery and a deep connectedness through relating where ‘you and I’ merge in that Mystery. It’s not just an esoteric passage though. It’s a living breathing connection to the power of being authentically your self through every facet of beautiful terrible life. Mars in Scorpio carries the energy not only of the birthing mother; it’s the Samurai warrior for Truth, it’s the surgeon cutting out cancer; it’s the campaigner against sexual slavery; it’s the deep-water-diver for pearls; it’s the hospice nurse and the midwife. Scorpio energy is the carrier over the threshold. And we are all surely facing a major threshold in these times.

Three powerful questions for this period: Where’s your threshold? What truly empowers you? And what deep resources do you need to uncover or cultivate to birth your self into new life?

Upcoming stages of Mars Retrograde:

27th May – back into Scorpio

30th June – Mars turns direct (starts to move forward)

2nd August – Mars re-enters Sagittarius.

22nd August – Mars passes over his retrograde shadow and enters new ground.

I’ll be writing more blogs on these phases as they arrive. If you’re inspired to discover more about this year’s Mars Retrograde period I invite you to read Playing with Fire, Time Travelling, Out of Whack and The Agony & The Ecstasy

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