Dance of Life

The Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces today and it is the opening chapter this week in aspects building up to this month's New Moon on Sunday, so pay attention folks! The New Moon is at 03.59 BST on 5th June at 14 Gemini.

At this Gemini Moon the Sun & Moon are conjunct Goddess of Love Venus, focusing the energy strongly on fun and flirtation, yet with heavyweight Saturn opposing this light-hearted trio there could be a few wet blankets around. You could well be one of them! It’s a complex picture due to a Mutable Grand Cross energy that’s a major feature this summer. A Mutable Grand Cross is comprised of four or more planets pulling in different directions, so four or more parts of you/your life calling for different things. Mutable = changeable so the potential of lots happening and the need for spontaneity and versatility is high. Mutable signs tend to be the most responsive and resourceful so that’s what we’re called to be. As this Grand Cross is a major feature over much of the year it's what we've been learning and still are. Nothing is certain; everything changing - but isn't that true all the time? It's just more in your face at the moment.

At this time questions about priorities or what has most meaning to you are important, and the means of discernment to stop you being run ragged. New Moon ruler, Messenger Mercury in Taurus, favours comfort over originality, so you may find it a challenge deciding exactly what to do anyway, or even keeping up with what you think you want. There's a real potential for self-deception with these aspects or getting caught up in feeling 'stuck', mainly depending on whet planet is operating strongly in your natal chart. So what's the key here? Well as always, it's in perspective........ Life is a bit like a dance this year - even more so this week - with two steps forward, one back, even not knowing the steps! Don’t worry; it’s all part of the process. In fact, try to stay out of your head as much as possible. Just enjoy the dance! We’re in a process of learning to define and discern what’s really important from a much deeper place of consciousness.

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