What's Real?

This week Wise Elder Saturn in Sagittarius squares Great Dissolver Neptune retrograde in Pisces. This is the second of three exact aspects: November 2015, 18 June and 10 September.

This ongoing aspect is a ground of discovering 'what's real?' when it comes to our dreams and vision and how we bring them to life. Saturn stands for our power to physically build and manifest the finer realities Neptune calls us to. In this square aspect they represent a 'make-it-happen' tension between what we see as potential and the resources (both inner and external) we have and need to deliver that.

This second square of three sees Neptune holding a stronger space due to his retrograde station on 13 June. This turnaround by Neptune can find us spaced-out, overwhelmed with exhaustion, confused or doubtful; or beautifully inspired but simply not knowing how to anchor that inspiration into our current life structures. This is where the biggest clue to this current aspect lies: for this is not about fitting vision into our existing lives. It's about letting go our existing life structures (or our attachment to how they look), opening to Neptune's vast space of potential and seeing what lands. And in Neptune's space we get to meet the real possibilities and the fantasy, the desire to birth a finer (some would call that spiritual) reality or to escape our day-today responsibilities, the delusions and opportunities.

Neptune is the place we surrender; Saturn the place where we create and hold the response-ability to be fully ourselves. It's the spiritual being human process. In this ongoing meeting of infinite possibility with structure and boundaries we experience a squeeze. And through allowing that squeeze to take place something new emerges. What we need at this stage of the process is the devotion and patience to allow it, to let go of needing to know where we're going, and to live with deep faith in 'something more' without necessarily knowing how that looks. In truth do we ever know where we’re going? Or do we just think we do? This aspect is not about powerlessness however, but the power to allow, to receive, and to become more fully aligned with ‘soul purpose’. It may not be an easy aspect to live with for some, particularly if you are feeling exhausted (as many are sharing) yet it’s in that very place of meltdown that real questions may be asked, and answered. It’s in deep tiredness or ‘giving up’ that resistance may melt away and new direction naturally emerge. In the meantime, the power of that question ‘what’s real?’ can be a guide to core truth. And it’s core truth that will become the foundation for new life that this aspect is calling forth.

If you're inspired to discover more about this aspect read my post 'Have to? Love to?' here

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