Taming your Dragons

What the energies unleashed through Brexit are showing us......

Wherever you’ve looked over the last few days you can’t have helped but notice the outpouring of vitriol that’s occurring. It seems like the gloves are off, and everyone has a strong opinion they must express. We can put that down to Brexit, our personal circumstances or even the lack of summer sunshine, and certainly those could give us cause for complaint, or we can look deeper. This is where the bigger picture of astrology can stimulate a different perception., both in inside ourselves and on the world stage.

Since mid April the planet Mars, ruling our desires, drives and motivations, has been trawling backwards (from the perspective of Earth) through the signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio. Mars is now almost stationary – at a standstill – in the sign of Scorpio, representing the underworld of our emotional reality. This puts a strong spotlight on Martian and Scorpionic themes: Mars being the use of will as passion, aggression, force or direct action; Scorpio being the power of integrity and truth-telling, or manipulation through unconscious agenda. So this period is a deep exploration of what lies beneath: what do we really want and how do we go about making it happen? What’s the real driving force behind the seeming agenda? We’re in a personal and cultural shift that brings a spotlight to principles. It’s no coincidence that Mars has now returned to the degree (23 Scorpio) of the referendum announcement on 18th February. It’s crunch point and the calling is to deep powerful self-honesty and truth-telling.

When a planet stations the focus is on the qualities of that planet, both healthy and corrupt. Mars, the God of War to the ancients, reveals the confident use of direct action for change. It’s the necessary short sharp shock or prolonged campaign that opens the door to new possibility. In the sign of Scorpio, Mars is either aligned with integrity, core truth that serves more than a personal agenda, or with unconscious motivation to pervert, blame or attack. In actuality it will be a complex mix of both – for that’s where we’re sitting in terms of evolution at this time. Both personal and global circumstances provide the arena for the playing out of this complexity. We can see so many layers of this play in our own lives and the political arena right now. It’s like a boil has been lanced and the poisons are spilling through our lives at many levels. We’re talking primal core survival strategies, sexual appetite or lack of it, old emotional habits and extreme tiredness. Scorpio is a fixed water sign so the places we grasp and cling , fight or struggle, are particularly highlighted. Any planet moving retrograde emphasizes the past, that includes people, places and experiences we need to revisit with finer consciousness. The main message is to make a step up in how we use power.

Given that we can see the poisonous eruption – and how could we fail not to – what is the remedy? Well, one essential with any abscess is to keep it clean. Here we could say, clean in terms of exploring our own motivations, particularly in expressing the frustration and anger that arise from uncertainty and fear. Clean in terms of the understanding that everyone is feeling the security boat rocking, but the way we deal with that as individuals will look different. Clean in terms of being as non-reactive as we can. Clean in being honest that we’re being triggered and recognising what we do with the energy that’s released through that trigger. Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, represents nuclear power, sexual power and the power of life/death processes. Personally that can be seen also as emotional power. With Mars retrograde, the arrow of Mars, usually turned out as direction and action, is pointing inward, back towards oneself. The biggest question therefore is: what are you doing with that power? Are you using it for transformation - to face your deepest fears, uncertainty and insecurity, or to point the finger? Are you using it to shove energy around or as a force for real change?

In many ways this week feels like a standstill. Looking at the political stage it seems no-one wants to take the responsibility for what’s happening, or what they have said or done. There’s no Mars warrior stepping in with integrity and clear direction. And only you can know where this energy is landing in your own life or how you’re responding to it. The additional pressure of an uncomfortable quincunx aspect to Uranus and Eris in the zodiac-sign-of-me, Aries, means the pressure has felt very personal and it is. Personal agendas and frustrations have been triggered. There’s nothing like insecurity to wake up the sleeping dragon of hidden emotion. The key however is not that this emotion is awakening, it’s to wake up to what you’re doing with it!

In terms of process, Mars will begin to move this week, albeit slowly. It may feel like the pressure is off. A sense of ‘phew that was intense’ along with relief that ‘it’s over’ may well arise. We’re only halfway through this process however, albeit the most challenging half. Mars has now passed over each degree of the retrograde period twice; the third pass is still to come and its here we will see resolutions and outcomes from actions and projects begun earlier this year (particularly since 18th February). Using astrology we can see the key stages of a potential re-alignment with a new clarity of intent and action. Of course that depends how well we have utilised and evolved through the toxic energies of the retrograde period.

30th June – Mars turns direct – A pressure valve opens to release; a move towards setting new intentions.

14th July – Mars quincunx Uranus & Eris, trine Chiron – the need for adjustment, conscious engagement with what needs to shift to activate a new expression of authenticity.

2nd August – Mars leaves Scorpio & enters Sagittarius. The focus moves from depth to breadth, from the inner worlds to expansive action.

22nd – 26th August – Mars is finally over his retrograde shadow and moves towards a conjunction with Saturn and square to Neptune in Pisces. This is a real powerhouse aspect, the testing ground where bubbles of fantasy may burst and a challenge to take full responsibility for your power of life creativity arises. Where there has been maturity of response to the challenges, Saturn can bring a harvest.

What does your dragon look like? Is it frustration? Utter exhaustion? Defence or justification? What is he teaching you? Where is the opportunity and what is his gift? This strong Mars focus will be activating particular life challenges and a different kind of harvest for each of us. An in-depth look at your birth chart facilitates the discovery and understanding of exactly where you are being confronted by old agendas and why, and what the gifts are. To open the gates of understanding I am offering special offer 30 minute ‘ Taming the Dragon’ skype consultations with purely this focus between now and 15th July. I invite you to contact me to book in your in-depth exploration. I guarantee it will be an illuminating experience!

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