8 Things to Do at the Leo New Moon

This month’s New Moon is at 21.45 BST on 2nd August at 10* Leo. This is a fiery Leo Moon with four of the five personal planets in fire signs. It’s re-ignition after months of what feels like wading through mud. Planet of action Mars moves back into Sagittarius on 2nd also after a long retrograde haul through watery Scorpio (since 27th May). There may well be a collective sigh of relief. Deep dark emotions subside as Leo warmth, generosity, and a potential for summer fun ignite. We’ll start to see outcomes from the Mars retrograde period (April to July - see previous blog posts) – motivation begins to rise, delays make way for breakthroughs (especially mid-month onwards) and tiredness opens as new possibilities inspire us. With the New Moon in Leo creative projects, artistic expression, play and new adventures are highlighted. Just watch for a touch of spikiness from a square to Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio at the New Moon on Tuesday evening. Despite the aura of self-confidence Leo’s ego is easily bruised. Be aware not to take rejection personally or imagined slights to heart. Life’s too short, (and so is the summer) to hang on to old reactions.

Here are some suggestions for the Leo New Moon:

- Make space to play & have fun! Be childlike, do something just for the fun of it.

- Try out something new – explore your potential

- Be selfish! And when you’re filled up, be generous with the love you’re creating inside.

- Get a makeover: a hair-cut, a new style of dress, a different colour. Be bold!

- Reflect on where you need to love your self and act on it. Don’t be shy about your own desires.

- Express your feelings – all of them. Lions roar and when not roaring they’re snuggling.

- Leo is the sign of the heart – re-ignite the romance in your relating

- Finally, if the sun isn’t shining, ignite your inner sunshine. Smile! Leo is ruled by the Sun and represents the heart. Make a decision to shine and to love no matter what.

We have until month end to take decisive action, to get new creative projects moving and make the changes we know we need to make. A Partial Lunar Eclipse on 18th August will support that process. Eclipses often represent endings and beginnings, and can be butt-kickers where we’ve not been paying attention.

September brings a change of pace as Messenger Mercury, the planet that rules mental processing, communication and short journeys stations retrograde on 30th August. Two more eclipses and the perfection of the Saturn/Neptune square herald a period of readjustment through September. August is the time to get moving! Don’t waste this month’s powerful creative potential. And most of all, whatever you do, enjoy it!

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