Crossing Points

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all” Helen Keller

One of the major themes of this year is changeability. It’s the ‘one step forward, two back’ of a dance in which we’re being called to develop flexibility and responsiveness to ‘what is’ in our endeavour to create conscious lives of service and fulfilment. Now we’re coming to a major crossing point that brings together our inner world and life experiences since mid April, even November 2015. It’s the starting block for a process that takes us through to October. A process in which we have the opportunity to understand more deeply how we as consciousness use the human vehicles of mind and will, and to see exactly what that usage creates as ‘reality’.

Consider the journey of an Olympic athlete. Their training requires both discipline and daring. Commitment, stamina and skill have to meet with a quest for excellence. The journey is heroic, requiring a capacity to overcome self-doubt, failures and limits on every level. It’s a process of self-mastery. In our own ways we have been in a similar process this year, particularly on the inner levels. Now we’re moving into a period of outcomes. Over this year both Wise Elder Saturn’s journey in Sagittarius and the retrograde of Warrior Mars, have called us explore how we use energy, to develop deeper stronger values, strengths and resourcefulness. This has come through an in-depth exploration of past motivations, old experiences and relationships, and places we have locked up energy. We’ve been dredging the bottom of the barrel. Many say motivation has been overwhelmed by exhaustion and energy has felt limited. Yet still we are here, and now the time to be heroic is almost upon us. We’re at a crossing point in the quest to discover who we are truly and how we create.

The first crossing point we meet is the conjunction of Warrior Mars & Wise Elder Saturn in fiery Sagittarius on 24 August. Great Dissolver Neptune, strong in his own sign Pisces, oversees their meeting. Mars/Saturn together, particularly in Sagittarius with its love of speed and adventure, gives form to the phrase ‘an unstoppable force meeting an immoveable object’ - Mars being the unstoppable force of our will to live fully and Saturn the seemingly immoveable object of fears and doubts, particularly around risk-taking, or the very practical elements we need to bring in to manifest our dreams. Neptune, square to their conjunction, is active in this mix, bringing in confusion, niggling insecurities and potential overwhelm. The energy in this mix could come together as an escape from the responsibility for making a decision, taking action or simply using force to push through. It’s like the athlete meeting 'the wall' when muscles are screaming and exhaustion hits like a veil saying ‘just can’t go on’. And we all have particular ingrained tendencies when arriving at that place. Often it’s the place of choice – push through or give up. Yet given the flow of energies this year, it’s not really that simple a choice. The opportunity here is more like ‘search for the hero inside of you’. That is: stay with your dream and be open to infinite possibilities for its realisation (Neptune), meet resistance with enthusiasm for its possibilities of growth, stay grounded and realistic (Saturn in Sagittarius) and find those deeper resources you’ve been developing this year (Mars retrograde). When Mars squares the Moon’s Nodes in Virgo/Pisces on 29 August there’s a real a karmic shift opening that potentially completes when Saturn also squares the Nodes on 8 October. It's a place of bridging; the Nodes holding our places of patterned consciousness and our potential for development. They are where we come from and where we’re being called towards. Virgo qualities - mental perspective, discerning the small steps forwards, being practical and activating new levels of humility in service - are opening the gifts of discovery and illumination in that growth process right now.

The period around 23-30 August is likely to be challenging, yet such good potential in that challenge. Key awareness: You may feel exhausted still but that weariness is the point of power. There is more energy available. You may feel confused, self-doubting or fearful, but you are so much more than that! Those are merely energies within your consciousness. Believe in your Self and the power of conscious creativity, have infinite faith in your dreams and your capacity to go beyond the beyond. Be like the Sagittarian explorers of old and adventurers of today: be courageous, be bold! In that boldness you will enter uncharted territory.

This is the first hurdle in a series. It’s probably the biggest one, but they’re all influential. The energies move on to include Mercury retrograde in Virgo from 30 August – 22 September, Solar Eclipse in Virgo on 9 September, Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces exact on 10 September (3rd of 3 since November 2015), a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on 16 September, Great Transformer Pluto turning direct on 26 September and Saturn square the Moon’s Nodes on 8 October. Phew! Whatever your experiences around 23-30 August there is much more to come. Stay with your dreams. Believe in your Self. Stay conscious.

This is the first in a series of blogs coming up. Read more on Mars retrograde, Saturn in Sagittarius and the Saturn/Neptune square.

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