Time to Cherish your Connections

Blessing Giver Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and expansion moves into Libra on 9th September. Since August 2015 Jupiter has been in Virgo, encouraging us to get practical, up-skill and take a good look look at health & lifestyle. Our mental processes have been under scrutiny too. For the next 13 months the focus shifts to connection; friendships and relating, how we initiate, share and mediate our ideas with other people.

Libra is a cardinal air sign that represents balance, harmony and connection. Its primary focus is on high-mindedness, fairness, justice and equality. Ruled by Venus this sign loves beauty and refinement. Libra is the natural mediator and counsellor, looking for the ways to open harmonious connection and acting on them. Jupiter in Libra brings the opportunity for us all to be genuinely nicer to each other, with the potential for real initiatives in conflict resolution to bear fruit in our world.

Where’s your focus being drawn naturally with this movement of Jupiter into Libra?

  • re-inspiring friendships and partnership

  • expanding your social circle

  • initiating connection

  • taking higher perspectives on love

  • asking ‘what’s fair?’

  • connecting through conversation

  • sharing ideas & ideals

  • truly listening to all sides of a conflict

  • being open to a vast range of perspectives

  • re-inspiring your love of art, music, fashion, culture

  • creating more beauty and balance in all aspects of your life

  • uplifting last year’s examination of your skill levels into greater artistry

  • exploring what ‘working partnership’ means to you

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