What Matters Most? Crossing Points 3

It’s a rare individual who doesn’t get caught up between what they’d like to be happening and what actually is. This is the tension of bridging differing realities – the potential and the actual - that gives rise to choice and action, or states of indecision and powerlessness. Right now the astrological energies are pointing us towards both the reality and a wide range of possibilities for our lives. The Saturn/Neptune square, active since November 2015 and coming to its third and final peak on 10th September highlights the interface between fantasy/reality, accountability/escapism, boundaries/infinite possibilities and in the largest way, spirit/physicality.

When faced with choice, or possibilities, we are called to explore what matters most to us. Sometimes that process is conscious (or as conscious as we can make it), with a life changing decision say. Other choices may not even be considered; they happen naturally or by default. Nonetheless, and whatever we may choose, those choices will be pointing towards what matters most to us. The question for each of us however is this: is it my evolving deepest values making the choice, or what keeps me in my comfort zones?

When we can’t seem to make a choice, it’s perhaps because we don’t know what matters most; there are two or more realities jostling for precedence, two conflicting needs or desires we can’t seem to balance. In many ways this Saturn/Neptune aspects reveals the one step forward, two back of growth; where inspiration guides, then doubt calls us back, or where vision leads then practicalities demand attention. In unconscious expression it can represent paralysis through fear and doubt, or simply being too tired to move. However it’s appearing in your life, overall this period is about making wiser choices – integrating your spiritual knowing, or the vision for a better future, with practicality. Walking the talk of your truth, seeing the boundaries yet choosing to step beyond them. Certainly at this time we may be pushed to make decisions, or circumstances may thrust them upon us. This journey calls us to explore what matters most and what may need to be dropped as having out-lived its purpose. As Neptune is conjunct the Moon's South Node now (and until late November) this journey is potent in activating both old patterning that's ready to leave and soul gifts that are emerging. The Moon's South Node works like a karmic container and in partnership with Neptune supports active dissolution of emotional states that no longer serve you or your life. They key in this is willingness: the willingness to keep letting go and stepping into the unknown new 'you'.

Questions to ask your self at this final Saturn/Neptune square:

- Am I avoiding making a choice or taking a decision? If I am, what would help me make it?

- Where might I have ignored my subtle knowing or vague desire to move forward? What might I need

to do to act on that now?

- Where might I be spiritualising aspects of my life (particularly challenging ones) rather than dealing

with them?

- Where do I need more discipline, to take responsibility? Or conversely, finer ‘let go and flow’?

- Where do I need to activate compassion rather than censure?

- Where might I need more facts? Where might creative imagination take me forward?

- Where do I need to remove blinkers of belief that are limiting me? What would be a deeper truth to

live from?

- Where are finer realities – compassion, beauty, spiritual knowing - calling you? How might you give

those values expression, meaning and form?

In many ways this planetary synergy represents a deeper grounding of ‘new-age’ belief systems or spiritual understanding as a living reality in our lives. It’s the ongoing integration of our vision for a brighter future and what it takes to actively live that as conscious human beings. That can take as many unique creative forms as there are human beings. It might take form as a song, an invention, an innovative building, a piece of art, a creative educational system, work that’s aligned with your values, a dive into deeper intimate connection, the possibilities are infinite. For now is a time for the ideals to land, inspiration to lead and love to find its action. If vision or possibility speaks to you, don’t wait! Take a small step, then another, and another; this is the way of building of a new reality.

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