The Stories We Tell Ourselves - Crossing Points 4

This month’s Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse at 20.05BST on 16 September at 24 Pisces. This Lunar Eclipse brings in a very different flavour from the first eclipse (Solar Eclipse at 9 Virgo on 1st September - see How's Your Mind?), with the Sun conjunct Messenger Mercury, retrograde in Virgo, and the Moon conjunct Rainbow Bridge Chiron in Pisces. Here we have a polarisation between facts and dreams, rationale and creative imagination, mind and emotion, vision and practicality. Neptune, the Great Dissolver, rules this eclipse so right brain energies are strong: meaning anything from altered states, vision and imagination, to delusion, confusion and avoidance.

Eclipse energies are like super-charged New & Full Moons where polarities of experience are heightened. This eclipse is an emotional watershed where you may be faced with what seem to be your worst emotional habits (or your response/reaction to another’s) but only so you can bring them compassion and love, and that could mean taking action - action as a radically new approach to a long-term issue, rather than as reaction. Mars in Sagittarius square to the Eclipse Sun & Moon creates a strong tension for decisive action. On its own this aspect could spell rash movement or reaction, a trine to Uranus in Aries and sextile to Venus in Libra and Asteroid Goddess of Wisdom Pallas Athena in Aquarius smooth the way however.

With the Eclipse Moon conjunct Chiron there’s a strong emphasis on the ‘stories we tell ourselves’, ingrained patterns of emotional escapism or co-dependency that keep emerging and that we keep re-energising. How do we re-energise them? By adding emotion to a thought about 'me' or 'them', in persisting in that same old story about yourself or others (you know the one), by believing in the 'poor-me' rather than discovering true self compassion in the raw edge of feeling what's there. Creating the story actually dilutes the feeling and its potential for transformation. In feeling deeply, in opening in profound acceptance that 'yes this is my experience and it hurts' or 'yes this is a dilemma that I can't resolve', there's a potential for moving beyond. It's the embrace of human experience with compassion. It's the Rainbow Bridge at work that opens the already existing union between spirit and body.

Chiron is known as the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ for a reason, for he heralds magical possibilities where you embrace the paradox and vulnerability of spirit being human, where you allow the places you don’t like or can't accept in your self, in another or in your current experience, to open you. This opening facilitates deeper understanding of what living as a spiritual being in a human body actually means. There is no failure in this, no right or wrong, only the opportunity to open up deeper self-connection and more honest relating through unconditional acceptance aligned with action. Powerful healing potential is available where you recognise how you use your stories to create your reality. A potent question to ask yourself "Is this the reality I want to create?' And if you don't, what finer possibilities might you give energy to? Sometimes it feels that we don't have a choice - circumstances beyond our control opening us up perhaps? Yet we always have a choice inside. This Eclipse points us towards the synergy of mind and emotion and how we use those vehicles. In awareness of that power of creation we are, we have an opportunity - a responsibility perhaps? - to become more conscious in their use.

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