Upgrading Your Belief System - Crossing Points 5

We’re in a week of growing clarity following a month of powerful change. Yet that change is not over quite yet. Is it ever? This week’s aspects reveal the ‘what’ and ‘where’ of current changes approaching the ‘how’, with its necessary process of re-structuring and expansion beginning to take shape.

With Messenger Mercury station direct in Virgo on 22nd some astrologers are saying the major shifts of this period are over. I’m feeling not just yet. Lord of the Underworld Pluto also stations direct soon – Monday 26th at 16.02 BST, and before that the Equinox on 22nd, where the balance of light and dark enables us to review the season past and the one to come. Then we have a wonderfully expansive New Moon in Libra conjunct Planet of Opportunity Jupiter on 30th. This really sets the stage for October, where the way is clearer, the resources available and the sun shining on this new adventure. Meanwhile there are a just few more openings relating to what’s been happening since 1st September, particularly on how your mind works (see previous blogs 'How's Your Mind?' and 'The Stories We Tell Ourselves' ). So let’s unpack the astrology and see where it’s pointing us.

Planets Mercury & Pluto are both in earth signs Virgo and Capricorn currently. As they change direction (22nd & 26th), ready to power forward (albeit slowly at first) they call our attention to existing realities – established belief systems on the inner level; routines, structures and practicalities on the external. Powerful insights are available into exactly what is needed to move on from limiting beliefs, behaviour or experience and how that may be accomplished. In this case Mercury represents how your mind supports (or not) the way forward, whilst Pluto reveals the way your next creation is to be built; the discipline, structure and resources required and where they may be found. This truly is a powerhouse time for recognition of how perception creates reality.

On 27th September Action Planet Mars moves into Capricorn to join Pluto. Focus on building the dream strengthens. Mars will conjunct Pluto on 19th October and in Capricorn his energy supports recent change with the organisational strength, tenacity and courage required to manifest a new vision. Any challenges experienced at this time are related to being core honest and practical about this next phase of your life, or the courage and self-determination to simply act. These aspects show this dream must be built on integrity. The way forward at this stage is step by step, reviewing where you may need to transform your beliefs about what is possible, your vision, ideas or direction at each step. This phase is a building one, laying a firm and true foundation for Grace to come in. In doing the groundwork now you may well find Grace sweeping you along in its effortless flow as we move into October.

Key questions to ask yourself and to act on before October:

What beliefs no longer serve what I am endeavouring to create in my life?

What might I replace them with?

What unhealthy habits do I truly need to let go?

Where does the power of creation lie for me? Clue: it’s always inside but does it reside in your strength of mind, clarity of vision, power of love or somewhere else?

What skill or strength do I know I can rely on?

How might I upgrade that skill or strength?

What skill or strength do I need to develop?

How might I accomplish that?

Where do I need greater faith and trust?

What might support me in discovering that?

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