Connecting to a Different Rhythm

We’re entering a very different phase of energy as October arrives. By mid month it may well seem as though the worries, shifts and challenges of this year are behind you. Like at New Year, possibility beckons. This time, where you’ve done the ‘work’ of this year’s themes - growing patience, flexibility and resourcefulness, developing skill levels, and learning how your mind really does create your reality - there’s a knowing that you are more prepared for what you’re dreaming in and that resources are more readily available to move forward with ease. It’s truly a new beginning – especially where you are prepared to be new about who you are, who you are becoming and what you’re here for.

There are distinct shift points to this new beginning running at two different levels of consciousness, reaching a peak on 12th October. On the one hand we are diving deep to discover powerfully new integrity, resources and strengths; on the other, we are moved by the hand of grace to open, receive and flow effortlessly. It truly is a synergy of grace and grit, receptivity and tenacious power, and openness to the potential gifts of working together in new ways.

Current: Warrior Mars moved into Capricorn on 27th, the sign of his exaltation where he realigns with his usual pace. This year Mars has spent an inordinate amount of time in Scorpio and Sagittarius due to his long retrograde. Now the outward directive energy of Mars can find a new adventure. Mars in Capricorn is determined and hard-working, with Mars fire focused towards tangible achievements in this earthy sign. Time to choose your mountain and climb it!

1st October 01.11am: New Moon in Libra conjunct Jupiter. Libra is the sign of balance and relating, co-operation and peace-making. Libra is about the harmony of ideas, ideals and people so this is a New Moon for enjoyment and building connections. With the Moon conjunct Planet of Opportunity Jupiter, newly arrived in Libra, this is a powerful activation into a new phase of friendship and relating, and/or inspired creativity and ideas. It's a brilliant New Moon for setting intentions on the goodness and abundance you'd like to create with others.

2 October: Lord of the Underworld Pluto in Capricorn sextile Dark Goddess of Feminine Power, Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio. This aspect calls for getting deeply honest in terms of how you're living and where you're going, in order to realign your life process with in-depth feminine instinct and the power of transformation. The calling is to explore what is Truth Now; to dive into the unveiling of where you are keeping yourself in old story lines in terms of victim/ power/control dynamics, rather than opening yourself to your core deep knowing of what's really taking place and moving beyond it. This truly is a supportive 'get real' opportunity, either with yourself or another, or it could well be both. This aspect is 'live' until 6th when Venus joins Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio and they both sextile Pluto in Capricorn.

6 October: Mercury returns to 29* Virgo, the starting point of his retrograde journey on 31st August. Now we come to a threshold where the learning about how your mind creates reality from the last 5 weeks can find its place. A new mental landscape beckons.

8 October: Saturn in Sagittarius squares the Moon’s Nodes in Virgo/Pisces. The crunch points that asks: Are you ready to let go victim consciousness and expand into what’s been prepared for you, by you? Are you ready to be the living bridge of presence between your future and your past? Are you recognising the truth that perception really does create reality?

11 & 12 October: Mercury, now in Libra, conjuncts Planet of Opportunity Jupiter and activates the New Moon point from 1st October. Mercury meets with Jupiter for the third time (first conjunction – 19 August; second conjunction – 2 September) activating potentials that have been on hold for months and opening new connections on many levels – sparking ideas with the possibility of implementation, aligning projects with potential collaborators and bringing in co-creative links with friends, allies and potential partners.

As we reach mid October the crossing points I’ve been writing about since mid August are in your consciousness. Only you will know how they’re opening in your life and its experience. There is one simple truth that stands for us all however. Whatever’s taking place in your individual experience the key is the same: to trust beyond where you've ever trusted before and find the willingness to simply let go of what no longer fits. EnJoY!

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