All or Nothing

What's the difference between fear and excitement? Not much? Think of a fairground ride, meeting a new date, stepping onto a plane for the first time. It's the edge where the familiar meets new potential and it can be enlivening!

Given this similarity between fear and excitement how do our responses create one or the other? Perhaps it's simply a matter of tipping off that edge of newness through contraction or expansion. When faced with a new experience (and depending on its triggers to past experience) we may either contract in fear - tighten, draw our energy in, prepare to defend, attack or control - or we open. That opening may be natural or a choice to move through an initial contraction i.e. we choose to expand through and beyond our holding energies. Nonetheless it's a choice to meet the experience as fully as we can.

So how does this reflection relate to current energy trends. From the weekend we're moving into a series of aspects that have an enlivening all-or-nothing flavour about them. There's a real potential for awakening new experience and responses. We begin with the Full Moon in fiery Aries on 16 October at 05.23BST. This Full Moon at 23 Aries is powerfully active, assertive and forward moving, potentially volatile. The calling towards ‘my future’ is strong and demanding. Mercury in Libra square Pluto draws attention to differing needs and desires within your self and your calling to relationship. The potential for conflict is strong. Given that potential how may we be conscious in our responses? Remember the potential for contraction or expansion? It's the same here. The key to this Full Moon is opening or movement. Uranus is an electrifying energy and like lightning it facilitates a release of tension through action.

The next week brings plenty of opportunity to move beyond old patterned responses. Watch out for trying to control outcomes and/or others rather than facilitating balanced interactions; an ’all or nothing’ attitude or communication that may be damaging to relationship needs. Supportive aspects at the Full Moon from Asteroid Goddess of Wisdom Pallas Athena in Aquarius suggests a bigger picture perspective and allowing space for individuality without judgment are key. The power for change is very potent!

On 19 October Mars meets Pluto in Capricorn - an aspect that may see powerful beginnings or endings. It has the flavour of a phoenix arising from the ashes where personal desire and higher will align as an unstoppable force. The calling is certainly to self-mastery and awareness of what you are using your will for: a higher calling or your own ambition. It's a day of high energy so use it well and wisely.

Relationships may well be revealing previously unseen agendas at this time as this Mars/Pluto conjunction is sextile to the feminine shadow energies of Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio. This is a strong aspect for sexual magnetism and the shadow play of relationships. Trust your feminine instinct about agendas and manipulation, control and demands. Much can be revealed in these deep powerful energies. Capricorn is the sign of response-ability so when meeting challenge engage the power for transformation available in this aspect to find deeper connection. The calling is to diving deep in transformation and renewal, discovering a new level of integrity and self-mastery through some dark places. Awareness: Darkness is a place of great fertility; it's where seeds sprout their potential. This certainly is an aspect for empowered Masculine/Feminine connection

Also on 19 October Mercury in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries and quincunx Chiron in Pisces. This aspect throws a spotlight onto communication and thought processes within relating. Reactivity is likely to be high. Don't forget to breathe. A powerful key is the understanding of acceptance as the foundation for moving on and through challenges.

Key awareness through this period:

- Stay true to your own highest calling

- Build bridges in relationships where possible. Valuing individuality & personal choice is important

- Move! And then move some more! These are high energy aspects.

- Allow space for your practice - stay connected to your centre

- Whatever takes place endeavour not to judge your self or another. Breathe and start again.

- Stay on the wave of change. Old ways of being are changing fast. You are opening doors of potential.

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