Tides of Change

In these changing times more of us are becoming aware that we are not only dependent on nature but actually we are one with nature. Our bodies come from the same elements as the Earth. We have animal bodies; we breath air; we need water and food to survive. Nature's tides are our tides. Universal tides show us the bigger rhythms we are subject to as a whole human race - how we have a responsibility to the Earth, to how we live on her and use her resources. We cannot separate our lives from this fact of dependency, much as we might try. Living through three years of devastating earthquakes in New Zealand showed me that we are actually powerless in the face of nature's movements. The only place we have power is in our responses. And if we are living consciously we have an actual responsibility to fulfil, to live our lives in ways that are life-enhancing and creative rather than negligent, perhaps destructive.

This weekend we have a Super Moon; the Full Moon being the closest to Earth since 1948. If we are sensitive Full Moon's reveal our connection with the natural world. We are moved by the power of the gravitational pull of the Universe on the Earth. This may manifest as emotional sensitivity or drama, lack of sleep or conflict within ourselves or with others, as the energies of Moon and Sun pull the water and finer energies in our body-mind systems in opposite directions. Much as the ocean's tide we are pulled higher and lower than normal. And this Super Moon brings super big tides. The astrological signs show us where those tides are calling us. This Full Moon is in the sign of earthy Taurus, with the Sun in watery Scorpio, representing the axis of body and deep emotion, stability and transformation, comfort and cruelty, sensuality and sexuality. Both Sun and Moon are active on crucial degrees from earlier this year: Moon in Taurus is on the degree of Mercury's retrograde station on 29 April and the Sun on the degree of Mars direct station on 30 June. This brings your life themes from 2016 - and particularly those April and June points - to a culmination of insight and/or manifestation. The tides of change you were riding over those periods will be evident again now, but in a more tangible way.

The Full Moon always calls us to balance and integrate opposing forces. This Super Moon in Taurus is a manifestation point asking: how are you using your will? how is the balance between stability and change in your life? are you stuck or do you actually need more stability? what is driving your choices - comfort or integrity? who have you come here to be?

The Taurus Moon reveals what you truly love and value. The light of this Super Moon will be showing you what has lasting value and what needs to change, particularly in relationship to your body and emotions, or in relationship to others. Wherever you feel those ultra high and low tides provides the clues to that change. Don't be swept away by it. Be like the ocean; powerfully fluid, adaptable and free.

Conjunctions by the Sun & Moon to feminine power energies held by Black Moon Lilith and Sedna also reveal a much larger dimension to this Super Moon. For a deeper look at what that entails, including your responsibility to our whole Earth evolution join my Whole Woman Connections group here. And don't forget to enjoy the beautiful bountiful presence of the Taurus Super Moon in our skies on 14th!

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