Gift of the Ocean

November 14, 2016


We all have those parts of our lives where we don't have answers, or to be honest, where sometimes we just don't have a clue what's going on. Never has this been truer than now, both in our personal lives and on the global stage. These hard-to-solve-places bring up frustration and confusion. Attempts to pigeonhole complexity is tempting and the desire to point the finger in relationships perhaps more so? On the global scale it's even easier to project negativity, not seeing that life is a whole. That it beautifully mirrors what we all need to address at some level or other.


So where does astrology point in this increasing complexity of life? No easy or simple answers but certainly it points towards long term massive change for us all. And we don't need astrology to show us that. Yet it can be effective in terms of the personal and universal cycles we are experiencing. This week huge gas Planet Neptune, the great dissolver, is extra potent. Travelling through his own sign of Pisces for years, Neptune points us towards the challenge of letting go with love our victim stories. Whilst other planetary configurations are encouraging, even demanding, we step up in personal and social responsibility. It's not that the planets are 'doing' anything. They are simply the mirror of our universal consciousness showing us there’s more to life than our personal stories, even our global ones. Perspective is everything, right?


This week Neptune stations (changes direction from the perspective of Earth) on 20th making it the most potent energy in the universe. He’s highlighting those places in us that are less than fully conscious. We could call them our old victim stories.  You know the ones - confused, numbed or spaced out, in denial, addicted, can't be bothered, or simply finding it all too much. Familiar? That's the less conscious place of Neptune. It’s like feeling adrift on the ocean, no destination in sight, and no oar to paddle with. Furthermore on 17thNovember Neptune meets with the Moon’s South Node strengthening this focus. This is a rare occurrence, the last one being 1849. The South Node is like a karmic bucket holding all the qualities we’ve developed through our soul journey, genetic patterning and experience. It’s about the past. And right now it’s that part of our past that is ready for change. With Neptune’s contact (over months but exact today) it’s like the fisherman’s net has snared its catch and is hauling it up to the surface.


So what’s in the net and how do we deal with it? You will know. For it’s that place in your life you just can’t get a handle on.


For ‘how to deal with it’ let’s look at Neptune’s healthy face.  Neptune stands for the vast realm of ‘Spirit’ or ‘Source’. As the ruler of the Pisces, Neptune represents the place in us that desires to unite with something more than our small lives, to dissolve, to be 'in the zone', to find peace. We all know it in different ways: connecting with nature, meditation, selfless service, that moment of connection with another where we both 'disappear'. It’s the wind-in-our-sails flow of effortless motion. It’s the vaster perspective that encompasses our issues and challenges from a hands-off space. It’s surrender, giving over, faith and trust in life’s beneficence. It’s the natural dissolution of what has been done to death and is ready to transmute.


Neptune represents the vast ocean of consciousness where life emerges and eventually dissolves. It’s a natural process. It does not require our intervention. It does ask a willingness to allow the process however. The gift of Neptune this week is a calling towards faith, the 'let go and let God(dess)' that gives space to your current issue. Not space from denial, or abdication of responsibility but a trusting space. Space in recognising at the moment you can't see the whole picture; space in allowing the unknown even if it’s uncomfortable, especially if it’s uncomfortable. When we give space to that unresolvable place, we open the door to alchemy. Alchemy is the magic that happens when we least expect it - the place of Grace, the unexpected helping hand or the sudden insight. Alchemy is the allowance of right timing, the shedding of the dead skin that we’ve lived in for years but which is now being shed. Alchemy is in being tender with yourself where you’ve been forcing. Alchemy is in forgiveness, compassion, acceptance. Neptune’s healthy face is alchemical.


When you look at the ocean do you feel a sense of awe at its vastness? Wonder at its immense beauty? Know respect for its power?  In the ocean it’s possible to swim, sink or float. This week we’re being asked to let go and float, yet float with awareness, knowing we’re being carried gently towards new stories, new beginnings as we willingly let go of old ones. Can you give yourself and 'it' - whatever it is - space for a natural solution, or natural next phase, to arise? Can you let go the labels of ‘problem, ‘bad’ or ‘difficult’. Not as denial but purely from letting go struggle? Can you let go control that much? Can you allow the known to fall into the unknown of your future? Can you be kind to yourself within the complexity of your life? Can you give yourself space to simply be with ‘it’?


When a wave reaches the extent of its backward pull into the ocean, it gathers power to rise and roll again. This week is that moment. Perhaps it’s your too?


‘That we might break these molds
And free our restless souls
Start to believe
That we can rise above
Our pettiness and love
Like we ain't loved before
Free on this earth
As the surf that rolls
And crashes on the shore’

David Gray


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