Maturity Required

This week we have the first of three planetary encounters that spotlight the tension between ideals and reality. On 24th November, 30th March and 4th August 2017, Jupiter, currently passing through Libra - the sign of balance, diplomacy and co-operation - is in a dynamic square with Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect opens up a series of questions about what’s fair, what’s right, what’s truly balanced? The scales of justice are tipping, in the endeavour to discover a new meeting place between ideals and constraints, possibilities and reality. This first meeting brings the spotlight to our personal connections.

Air sign Libra is renowned for both charm and indecisiveness. Symbolised by the scales, the Libran capacity to include and weigh up multiple possibilities and perspectives is acute. There’s always another ‘on the other hand’ to consider. Sometimes this indecisiveness can seem to be paralysing, yet Libra, being a cardinal sign, is also a place of action, connective action. It is the peace-maker of the zodiac. Sometimes that peace-making veers towards excessive ‘niceness’, sometimes true diplomacy. And that’s where Jupiter comes in. Over the next year planet of expansion Jupiter amps up the process of considering what’s fair. The swinging of the Libra scales between what’s right and true and places of compromise may become more extreme, and in the process, more visible. We can already see this swing between extremes happening on our world stage. You may see it in your life too? Whilst there’s the potential for deeper alliances, there’s also the possibility of deeper polarisation. It’s like a seesaw tipping from too much weight at one end. You can’t shift it without removing something. This is where Lord of the Underworld Pluto comes in.

Pluto in Capricorn is a long-term process spanning 16 years. The energy of the planet renowned for destruction, reform and regeneration is ploughing its way through our cultural structures on every level – government, education, business and finance. Capricorn is an earth sign of responsibility and social contribution, so this is about the very fabric of our lives, both personally and culturally. What is no longer needed, or serving the greater good, is being dismantled, slowly but surely. Pluto in Capricorn may seem to be ruthless but is an ally. A process to reform all that's toxic in our social systems and in our lives. In a nutshell, Pluto is about power and powerlessness. Slowly its energy erodes what no longer serves whilst also offering the potential of more authentic structures and systems. It offers us the choice-less choice to separate from what's destructive or fear-based and to take responsibility for what we’re creating. Pluto in Capricorn is not ‘nice’, but it is real. Some would say it is valid, especially given the mess we are in on so many levels.

Jupiter’s square with Pluto is this process of discovering what’s real and valid now. Rather than relying on ‘the way we’ve always done it’, we are being called to a restructuring, particularly within our relationships. The tension of this square aspect calls us to explore the synergy of ideals and reality and to act on what we discover. This is the force of expansion meeting forms of inertia. This week that exploration lands in our personal relationships, as Goddess of Love Venus is meeting with Pluto in Capricorn at the same time as the Jupiter/Pluto square. It’s a time for diving deeper into what love and loving connection really means in our lives. To explore what quality is needed beyond beautiful ideals and how to create that? In a nutshell it’s time to look at what our friendships and relationships are based on - just being friendly or comfortable with each other, or something real, with more grit and integrity?

This particular Jupiter/Pluto square is just the starting point. Over 2017 this aspect will reveal to us how to create real alliances, to bring greater maturity to life in our connections, to create what’s truly fair, what’s just, what’s true in our lives and our culture. It starts with each of us. Jupiter brings us touch-points of promise within what sometimes seems the relentless struggle to relate authentically. The place of compromise is giving way to being truthful. It’s time for maturity.

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