A Permanent Attitude

Chiron in Pisces is the place of our deepest human vulnerabilities; the place we can't control or resolve; the places we're called to let go and let it flow. This week Chiron changes direction highlighting these fragile states of being. Awareness needed around denial, playing the victim or numbing out. Instead, be nakedly honest to yourself. There's a calling to letting struggle and discomfort fall away, opening up and allowing your very human dilemmas to tenderise you. Forgive yourself for being less than perfect, forgive yourself for not having 'it' together, forgive yourself and forgive another, simply because it's a powerfully loving thing to do. As Martin Luther King said so beautifully 'Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it's a permanent attitude'.... and certainly he knew. In that place is the magic of deep healing possible, even inevitable.... somehow.

Chiron stations direct at 09.53am on 1st December; it's a powerful influence all this week.


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