A Dynamic Trio

This week we get an introduction to 2017 energies as the Sun activates new relationships between planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. What does this mean for us and our lives?

The first place to look is towards the two 'teacher' planets: Jupiter & Saturn. For planet of expansion Jupiter shows us where the opportunities lie, Saturn, planet of responsibility, where the limitations are. A friendly supportive sextile between these two is an ongoing feature of the new energies for 2017. It's about getting practical about our ideals and acting on them - particularly in terms of connections and relationships, working together with others. These planets are working well together, emphasising coherence and collaboration. This suggests a grounded foundation for your 2017 inspirations is a potential, as long as you stay focused on growing connection. Whereas 2016 mutable energies called for slowing down and developing adaptability, potentials for 2017 energies to land and grow in your life are far more active.

This week the Sun also introduces a third partner in this energy dynamic, Uranus, the Great Awakener. Uranus is inherently unstable, high frequency and innovative. Uranus and Saturn are in supportive trine with exact meetings on Christmas Eve, May & November 2017. Although their current partnership is a friendly one, Uranus and Saturn energies are so different this is a sparky meet up. Where Saturn stabilises and demands order, Uranus breaks up to break through, creating chaos. It's a pairing that provides surprises and calls forth improvisation. Where your connection through Saturn gets too rigid or controlled, Uranus comes along to shake things up. The planet of chaos is a wild card to your plans and goals. He's also working with Jupiter in a challenging opposition, demanding that ideals are matched with dynamic action. Where you get too unreal, he'll pop your bubble of projection. This is not a bad thing, for despite his unpredictability, Uranus brings a higher perspective if you watch and listen well. This planet of wake-up calls for exactly that, and for evolving higher potentials to come alive through you in a real way.

2017 energies are opening now, so watch for the signs of where you're inspired, how you're challenged and where balance is called for. With planet of the mind and communication Mercury moving retrograde on 19th December, the next few weeks are about growing awareness and reflection on the what, why and how of your 2017 inspirations. You will certainly be shown what's needed, especially around the Christmas period. More on that very soon.

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