A Necessary Pause

What does a little planet named Mercury travelling at 105,947 miles per hour around the Sun have to do with our lives here on planet Earth? Well, just as the tides of the ocean (and our bodies) are influenced by the pull of the Sun and Moon’s gravitational fields, so we are receiving energetic information constantly from other planets in the universe. We may not be aware of this. We may label it ‘intuition’ or ‘knowing’, nonetheless we are involved in a constantly changing field of information that is the universe. Mercury’s field of influence is our powers of thought, communication and travel.

Three to four times per year Mercury moves retrograde (backwards from the perspective of Earth). Mercury retrograde has a bad reputation – don’t travel, don’t sign contracts and so on. It’s an unnecessary reputation and entirely impractical in our post-modern lives. Yet it’s useful to understand what Mercury is signalling in these periods. Why push against the universal frequencies when you can flow with them?

Just as the seasons have their flow from spring’s uprising to winter’s quiet, so our mind, our expression outward into life, in fact all movement (Mercury’s realm) have different phases. When Mercury moves retrograde it’s a signal for us to slow down and pay attention, to pause in our busy lives and take stock. Particularly at Mercury’s station (when he appears to stop and change direction at either end of the retrograde period) if we’re not listening to this need to pause and pay attention, what appears to be Mercury’s wild card energy brings us up short. It’s not that Mercury is doing anything. It’s just that the signals we’re receiving from Mercury are received and interpreted differently during a retrograde phase. We’re pulled inward to reflect, re-organise, re-schedule. In fact all the ‘re’ words are relevant. Like an unexpected snowstorm can change all our plans, Mercury’s energy is working invisibly, call us back to the places we didn’t pay enough attention before.

Knowing when Mercury is retrograde can actually be supportive in our lives. Not in terms of ‘don’t’ but in relation to change of focus. Just as we naturally order in wood for winter, we can plan to slow down, re-visit and revise our ceaseless forward movement during Mercury retrograde. It may seem inconvenient yet the universe doesn’t run on our schedule. In attuning to its natural flow we move in a much bigger picture than our personal plans. We learn to live in alignment with the flow of universal energy rather than from individual will. Life becomes more effortless. We don’t waste energy. Actually we become more effective, responsive and naturally creative.

The next Mercury retrograde begins on 19th December. Mercury stations retrograde at 15 Capricorn, the sign of planning and organisation and revisits Sagittarius briefly 4-13 January. This specific retrograde suggests your vision for your life and particular goals for 2017 need re-visioning and re-organising. Three supportive aspects with point of destiny the Moon’s North Node in Virgo on 8 & 29 December and 19th January open a process of refinement that aligns direction with deeper soul purpose. Mercury’s transmission right now is suggesting we don’t have the full picture just yet. It’s time for patience and perfecting rather than launching. Mercury’s almost-meeting with powerhouse planet Pluto in Capricorn also suggests that the full amount of energy needed for forward movement is not yet available. There’s some existing life structure that has to change to open up the field. Pluto is the planet of transformation and in Capricorn often reveals where we’re holding on or trying to control. Mercury’s meeting with the Sun on 29 December will shine a spotlight on exactly what that is. It’s not until 29 January that Mercury and Pluto conjoin releasing the power and drive for real implementation however.

More on this Mercury retrograde phase and the dynamic year-end aspects in my final 2016 blog coming soon.

In this 'necessary pause' you might also like to check out my Self Love Challenge 2017. It's free and the perfect activity for a Mercury retrograde period.

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