Where the Magic Lies

The festive season opens many of the energetic themes that will play through our lives over 2017. It’s a dynamic period with beautiful doses of connection and enjoyment. Uranus stations direct at the Capricorn New Moon on 29th so the holiday period will not be without a few surprises. Enjoy and relax, yet pay attention. Remember: nothing is under control even though you might like it to be. That’s where the magic lies!

24th December: Mature response to changes

Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries - the first of three exact aspects taking us to November 2017. With this positive flowing aspect Lord of Manifestation Saturn and Great Awakener Uranus are supporting the call to wake up and walk our talk. Yet the blending of their energies is not without some surprises. Saturn holds stability whereas Uranus disrupts; Saturn moves to manifest, Uranus to break up; Saturn is about where we stand, Uranus where we’re going. Overall this aspect calls us to have vision and plans but be flexible in the journey.. This aspect is about being spontaneous, resourceful and rooted in mature response in the face of life’s unforeseen events.

25th: Love and enJoY.

Goddess of Love Venus in Aquarius trine Jupiter in Libra, sextile Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. It’s a day for simply enjoying yourself in good company. Do something different too!

26th: Surprises abound!

Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries – the first of three exact aspects taking us to September 2017. Jupiter in Libra is orientated towards balance and compromise, particularly in relationship. Uranus in Aries is extremes. It’s the dynamic force for change where balance and harmony no longer promote growth. Wherever Uranus plays expect surprises. The key, held by Jupiter, is to discover equilibrium in life’s sudden movements between harmony and chaos, particularly in relating. Aspects from Mars in Pisces and the Sun in Capricorn to the Moon’s North Node in Virgo today encourage you to focus on the present (rather than past), recognise and give up victim mentality, participate in positive connections and solutions.

28th: Strength meets vulnerability

Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces – the first of three exact aspects taking us to November 2017. Questions arise about integrity, respect and maturity in resolving problems, with feelings of powerlessness to meet what’s needed. The tendency may be to try to avoid issues yet new strengths are to be found in facing whatever issues and complexities arise. Then this becomes a rainbow bridge to new capabilities. Surprises about who you think you are and what you’re capable of may well be in store!

29th: A moment of clarity

New Moon at 7 Capricorn at 06.53GMT. The Sun and Moon are conjunct Mercury retrograde. Uranus in Aries stations direct. A plethora of insights are available for you to make connections about where you stand in terms of recent events. It’s an opening into both possibilities and obstacles, to weigh them up and make a plan. With Uranus stationing direct the danger zone may well be restlessness, impatience and wanting to leap in where you don’t have the whole picture. With the New Moon trine to the North Node in Virgo it is a time of discernment rather than movement.

30th: It’s all about maturity

Retrograde Mercury trine the Moon’s North Node in Virgo – second of three aspects taking us to 19th January. Pay attention to connections, communications and what is being called from you today in terms of response-ability and self-mastery. It's a theme that provides focus for the Mercury reflection period. Clues also lie in the Mercury/North Node first meeting on 8th December. Key awareness: Capricorn is the sign of maturity & social accountability. What might be tough to take on but true?

31st: A question of moderation perhaps?

Jupiter in Libra quincunx Chiron in Pisces – first of three aspects taking us to September 2017. Mars applying to a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces on 1st January. With this strong Piscean theme over New Year activated by Jupiter and especially Mars, the calling to bring clarity and balance to emotions and/or behaviour is strong.. The tendency to escapism through addiction is high over these few days. Silver lining: wherever Chiron & Jupiter get together there’s powerful potential for healing, whatever plays out. It’s a matter of non-judgment and faith in the process - not easy but true.

If you're inspired by this blog post, and your potential to live with evolving consciousness in 2017, I invite you to sign up for the Self Love Challenge 2017. It runs throughout January and it's free!

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