Moving Forward into 2017

Are you ready for 2017? From now until 6 February we have an unusual occurrence in the universe - all planets are in direct motion i.e. moving forward from the perspective of Earth. This gives us a window of opportunity to ground 2017 vision and plans. 2017 is a fiery year. The action really starts in February with two eclipses (the end of one astrological season and the start of another) and a Grand Fire Trine that will also be activated again in new ways over the summer. It truly is a time for new beginnings. Are you ready? Now is the time to prepare for when you'll be surfing the wave of creation later this year. You need to know what's most important and where you're going.... but not necessarily how it's going to happen. That's the gift of this year!

How & where to prepare: Today: Mercury in Capricorn trine the Moon's North Node in Virgo:. A time to recognise how the ways you think influence you in your life and to act on a necessary shift in perspective, attitude and actions. Key awareness of that shift sits with the South Node in Pisces: places of disempowerment through thinking 'I can't' or through abdicating response-ability for your life to someone or something other than you. The trine aspect today supports awareness and action to move on. It may be a repeat of themes from mid and late December. Time to move on with insight gained. Now to 6th February : Planet of expansion and opportunity Jupiter in Libra opens the way for positive connections & synchronicity - ideas, people, places. Look out for them and meet them, or they'll pass you by. A lovely sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius points to where and how to ground opportunity and the work you need to do to make it happen. This sextile repeats in August. Now to 7th February : Mercury moving direct in Capricorn. Threads of vision and plans from December now have the missing pieces needed to ground, organise and action your way forward. It's a time to build the framework for your 2017 plans. 28 January : New Moon in Aquarius. The message from this Moon is: Step up now! The Capricorn/Aquarius synergy at this New Moon reveals where it takes maturity to be free to be yourself. Time to get real, transform your old stuck beliefs about what’s possible and make your 2017 plans happen. Don’t let self doubt, fear or hesitation cloud your way. Key question: where are you holding power (energy) that is calling to be freed up? 28 January : Warrior Mars moves into his own sign Aries. It's the start of a new 2 year action cycle. Time for get moving! 29 January : Mercury conjunct Pluto. The place of power and time of traction in activating your 2017 plans. Key awareness: Stepping up in response-ability, maturity. You'll find new levels of courage & resourcefulness in digging deep. 3 February : Goddess of Love enters Aries joining her partner Warrior Mars. Unusually Venus will spend 14 weeks in fiery Aries this year due to her retrograde 4 March to 15 April. Time to explore love and self-love, power & powerlessness, the courage to ask for what you want & claim it, passion, direct action and sexuality. 6 February Planet of opportunity & expansion Jupiter stations retrograde. From now to 9 June Jupiter is covering old ground with regard to ideas and connections, faith & your belief systems, relationships, working together and legal matters

Between now & 6 February is the window of opportunity. Don't hesitate! Move! Even if you're not sure where you're going, all will reveal in your stepping forward. EnJoY!

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