Living Your Questions

When a planet turns retrograde it signifies a period of reflection and reassessment. Backtracking is required. It’s much like when you leave the house on a journey, then half-way to your destination you have the feeling you’ve forgotten something crucial. If you’re wise you stop, you listen in, you recognise what that is and perhaps you turn back. Or maybe you don’t turn back but you find the solution to that ‘missing piece’ in some other way? Nonetheless it’s the process of pausing, reflecting and self-questioning that’s vital.

The planet known as the blessing-giver Jupiter has been in Libra since September 2016. In air sign Libra Jupiter is calling us to explore balanced harmonious relating, to understand what connects and disconnects, what works or doesn’t in relationships. Libra is the place of co-operation, diplomacy, harmony and idealism. It’s also the place of compromise. Now Jupiter starts to back-track on 6th February turning our focus inward to reflect on these themes in our lives. We’re covering old relationship ground, on a quest for deeper understanding. And there are planetary helpers to guide us along the way.

The key planetary helper right now through March is Rainbow Bridge Chiron. For as Jupiter changes direction he makes an uncomfortable quincunx to Chiron, currently in watery Pisces. This aspect is a key to understanding the Jupiter retrograde, particularly in our relationships. Jupiter in Libra brings the wonderful ideal of harmony to friendships and relating. It’s a beautiful intention. Inevitably this becomes a crux point in the longer term as the friction of a ‘me’ and a ‘you’ endeavour to find their meeting places. Chiron works through the energy of dilemma or events and experience beyond our control. His energy faces us with our vulnerability and the innate frailty of our humanness. He stands for the places we deeply want to connect yet can’t. Perhaps it’s a case of mismatched values, unrequited love, a love triangle, challenging circumstances. The scenarios are endless yet the energy speaks similarly. There’s a place of irreconcilable circumstance, of hurt, or of the unknown. We have questions but no answers. Key to this is our inability to control the situation. And it’s best not to try. Why is that? For despite its discomfort it’s precisely this process that is there to open and grow us, to guide us to deeper soul strengths and resourcefulness.

Key to this process is questioning. Not questioning from the rational mind but a deeper questioning that comes from faith in the process - a questioning that’s not looking for answers or solutions but for understanding. Understanding arises through living the questions - often uncomfortable but true. For Chiron in Pisces can aggravate victim consciousness. The blessings of Jupiter reveal through living the process. He supports us in finding the gift, the guide, the support through our relationship dilemma, however that might look. He lets us know the blessing is there - maybe through a shift in perspective or a helping hand. At this point in time Jupiter says the key is in the looking and the asking. Yet it’s not in the mind… it’s in the living.

Key questions for reflection:

  • How may I be in greater harmony with not having answers?

  • Where do I feel like a victim? How may I shift that perspective?

  • What qualities am I developing through facing this dilemma?

  • What places of connection are there in this situation?

  • How may I give them attention?

Jupiter is retrograde until 9 June meeting Chiron again in direct motion on 23 September. There are other points of contact from Jupiter in this retrograde journey, including oppositions to Uranus in Aries (3 March & 28 September), squares to Pluto in Capricorn (30 March & 4 August) and a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius (27 August). Undoubtedly our questions will find points of insight, understanding and answers through this period. Having faith in the process and in your self is your most significant involvement.

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