Ever-widening Circles of Truth

Black Moon Lilith is a power point in astrology that reveals the potential to evolve our understanding of the human shadow. Portrayed through mythology as witch and mother of demons, Lilith stands as the Dark Mother, the power of creation/destruction, feared by men and women alike. Both in her mythology and astrology Lilith’s hidden face contains themes of rejection, shame, personal and collective themes of control and repression of women. She represents the disowned qualities in us that seek acceptance, acknowledgment and love. Her astrological placement reveals our deepest shadows. She also shows us that in their embrace we may find true empowerment. It’s seems natural that what we have rejected will seek its creator. And who is its creator? We are.

The astrological placement of Black Moon Lilith often reveals a wild card energy in our lives. She can be a place of fierce and raw rage within us, or deep toxic shame. Yet once she is unveiled she can be a source of tremendous creative power. Lilith’s power is impersonal. In fact she demands we give over to a power beyond the personal. Yet it is only through embracing deeply personal themes such as sexuality, rage and self-rejection that we reach her core. It is through Black Moon Lilith that the expansion of our self-understanding grows to embrace the darkness within the human psyche, both personal and cultural. Through her astrological placement (unique to each individual) and her cycles we can discover the particular themes of shadow energy and raw power that are calling for transmutation and tangible creative expression. Perhaps most of all, she shows us that healing the shadow is at its most potent when we acknowledge and utilise its energy for the creative expansion of what is good in our world. The recent Woman’s Marches are an example of this power for good operating in our world.

Black Moon Lilith has just begun a new cycle, moving into the fiery sign of Sagittarius on Valentine’s Day, activated by the Moon today. She remains in Sagittarius until November. What can we discover about the power of the dark feminine through this expansive fire sign?

The energy of Sagittarius is the quest for truth, freedom and meaning. It’s the most expansive sign of the zodiac birthing explorers and adventurers, heroines and heroes. It seeks to go beyond boundaries of known belief into the unknown: physically through travel and immersion in ‘foreign’ cultures, culturally through politics and religion, or metaphysically through philosophy, myth and spirituality. It’s the quest to experience and know the nature of the multi-dimensional Self. To uncover the Mystery of who we are through the adventure of life and/or the journey into consciousness. In this quest the potential is we discover a series of deeper conscious perspectives, ever-widening circles of truth without end. The key is not to stop in this quest. For the stopping and holding of a certain truth may create rigidity of belief, arrogance or contempt for ‘other truth’.

The essence of Black Moon Lilith is mysterious, much as the nature of the Divine Feminine expressing as woman. She reveals the paradox of ‘the demand for’ and the ‘rejection of’ something more in our lives – to go deeper, to reach the core, to allow all experience to find its rightful place. In Sagittarius that demand is for a greater truth or freedom. And wherever Black Moon Lilith plays we cannot ignore the demand. Yet the paradox is she also brings the deepest reaction to what that demand may mean for our personal lives. It’s the edge of risk - for she calls us beyond our previous beliefs and boundaries. She reveals that what is true for us at one stage of life may not be true at another. Where we deny that truth, or the instinctual power of our life force - the Feminine power of creation in both women and men - she can simmer underground causing psychic or physical disturbance. Or she erupts forcefully, in a distorted way, rather than creatively. In Sagittarius the life force wants to move outward as the expression of truth. When it’s distorted we see it playing out through fundamentalism, fear of ‘what’s foreign’ and ‘false prophets’. We can see this plainly on the world stage right now. These are the sticking points of belief or ‘truth’ that give rise to division. Whereas the positive engagement of the Sagittarian energies points to the quest: the need to cross (and keep crossing) boundaries of belief – racial, religious, political or philosophical – in order to find a deeper truth. Ultimately the quest is to discover a truth that is expansive and openly unifying. This is the challenge with Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius - to walk one’s talk, to test the truth one discovers by living it and to keep testing it. She challenges us to reach deep into our instinctive passion for life, going beyond current boundaries of belief into realms unknown. More than that she demands that we live it.

To give you a flavour of Black Moon Lilith expressing through Sagittarius here are some individuals who have this placement in their birth-chart. It’s clear their lives express the Sagittarius fire. Their expression expands across personal, creative, cultural, religious and philosophical boundaries on many different levels. They are inspirers whose gifts uplift and challenge us to cross our own boundaries, to explore and live ever-widening circles of truth.

Sonia Gandhi: Italian-born leader of the Congress Party in India after the assassination of both her husband and mother-in-law. She refused to become prime minister yet was extraordinarily influential in a culture and belief system entirely foreign to her own.

Martin Luther King: American Baptist leader and activist – the youngest man ever to receive the Nobel Peace Prize at age 34. His faith expressed as a living call for equality and freedom.

Steven Spielberg: creator of mythic movies that speak to our collective consciousness and co-founder of Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation for enhancing the lives of children with illness.

Anthony Hopkins: An actor with deep presence. His favourite character ‘Burt Munro’ in ‘The World’s Fastest Indian’ is a typically Sagittarian character, breaking the boundary of speed through personal sacrifice and endurance. His portrayal of serial killer Hannibal Lector reveals the darker side of Black Moon Lilith. Less well known is his release of a love song called ‘Distant Star’ expanding his creative talent into the cosmos.

Yoyo Ma: Chinese American cellist raised in Paris. He was a child prodigy, performing from the age of 4 and a half. He is also a United Nations Messenger for Peace, using his personal fame for the greater good.

Marion Woodman: A renowned Jungian therapist who literally danced herself out of a wheelchair. She is a deeply potent speaker and author who encourages the deep exploration and transformation of self.

Rainier Maria Rilke: Mystic poet and author whose mother dressed him as a girl for years and whose father then sent him to military academy. He broke the mould of contemporary poetry writing, inspiring a profound exploration of living spirituality.

The Sisters of Mercy: an order of nuns founded in 1831 as the Sun was conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius. The Sisters are a group of nuns who stepped out of their religious system by taking real action to support women and children in the world.

To engage the powerful energies of Black Moon Lilith in your life you may like to explore guided meditation 'Opening the Gate of the Heart'.

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