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"Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your hearth or burn down your house, you can never tell." - Joan Crawford

The planet Venus in astrology is about what we love and give value to: our self, others, beauty, pleasure and money. It’s about what makes us feel good, what we desire and seek to attract into our lives. It also signifies relationship, revealing how or where we connect or disconnect, what we desire and enjoy. Unsurprisingly Venus is also known as the Goddess of Love.

Every 18 months or so, Venus moves retrograde. From the perspective of Earth she appears to reverse direction, disappears from our skies as Evening Star, reappears in her new role as Morning Star and turns direct. In her disappearance she is making a conjunction to the Sun. One could say she is being seeded with new life from the Sun’s light.

Venus is invisible during her conjunction with the Sun. In mythology this disappearance is seen as a journey into the Underworld. Venus has a darker quality during this time. Much like shining a torch into a dark room makes the darkness appear deeper, the light of the Sun enhances Venus shadow side. During the retrograde, we must confront the challenge love brings and imbalances in our search for the good things of life. Yet only so we may return to a higher state of loving balance as Venus re-emerges. It’s about reclaiming the power of love and self-love caught up in the shadows. It is during these times that our focus is drawn to unfinished business in relationships, issues with love and loving, to release the past and renew our capacity for love.

As Venus makes this retrograde journey during March and April she traverses two very different signs of the zodiac – Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and Pisces, the last. These signs give us clues to the major themes of her journey.

Venus in Aries, the sign of the Warrior, knows what she wants and goes out to get it. She is bold, courageous and passionate. She’s ignition. Aries can be impatient and easily bored so Venus in this fiery sign needs plenty of adventure and action. She’s no soft touch and will demand full-on attention for that’s how she approaches life, directly and with enthusiasm. With all this fire energy it’s vital to know Venus in Aries shadow side. And this is what opens with her conjunction to the Sun at 4 Aries on 25 March. Aries being the first sign of zodiac ruling the ego and individuality there’s a ‘me, me, me’ focus to this conjunction. Themes include how we might use force to get what we want (Aries is ruled by Venus’s consort Warrior Mars), how the fire of passion can become too hot, burn out or become aggressive, lashing out or burying anger. The Aries focus on ‘what I want’ becomes too intense and the outcome could be destructive. Or we allow ourselves to become swamped by that energy arising in relating. Either way it’s about balancing fire energy.

As Venus enters watery Pisces on 3 April she opens the potential of learning balance and renewal with this passionate fire energy. Here we have the gift of Venus retrograde journey, for any retrograde planet brings us the opportunity to reflect on and integrate previous experience. It’s like being on a journey and having to turn back because you’ve forgotten some essential element. The energy of Venus in Pisces is vast, open, vulnerable, changeable, profoundly receptive and soft-hearted. In her full state she’s the ocean of unconditional love, deeply connected to the collective. Where Venus in Aries knows what she wants, in Pisces she has no idea. For how may she focus on one potential in the ocean of infinite possibility? This brings us to Pisces shadow: vagueness, lack of commitment, an addiction to suffering or co-dependency, fantasy and lack of boundaries.

So where does this leave us in the Venus retrograde journey? The last two weeks of Venus’s retrograde ask that we enter the ocean of possibility to find a new sense of self as Venus returns to Aries. In that Piscean ocean are your places of rebalancing true self-worth, receptivity, passion and your feel-good factor. We are individuals with different patterns around anger, self-assertion, connection and vulnerability. As Venus connects with the Sun and re-enters Pisces it may be you have questions about self-love or lack of it. Why you feel unworthy or undesirable. Where you feel disconnected from a deep ‘feel good’ in life. What old patterns in relating are holding you back. Where you need more or less passion for life. How you allow or disconnect from pleasure. What your money issues are showing you about giving and receiving. How you use the energy of passion. Why conflict keeps happening in your relationships. Pisces qualities are the call back required to understand and mitigate the unbalanced fire of Venus in Aries passion. There’s a potential to learn about healthy levels of individuality and self-assertion, direct action and conscious purpose, balanced with deep connection, compassion and unconditional love.

As spring arrives here in the northern hemisphere we’re all making this journey with Venus retrograde. The core message is to uncover an aspect of nature’s secret - how do boldness and tenderness co-exist? Think of the journey a tender new shoot has taken before emerging above ground - the power of emergence through a hard seed case and its fragility to weather, disease, animal and human action as it appears. Love is both tender and bold. Which do you need to open your true feel-good? Venus is about to show you.

Venus retrograde journey is from 13 Aries to 26 Pisces:

4 March: Venus stations retrograde - 13 Aries

14 March: Venus square Asteroid Goddess Juno – 11 Aries/Capricorn 18 March Mercury conjunct Venus - 9 Aries 25 March: Sun conjunct Venus - 4 Aries 3 April: Venus moves back into Pisces 8 April: Venus in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius - 27 Pisces/Sagittarius 15 April: Venus stations direct at 26 Pisces sextile her consort Warrior Mars in Taurus 19 May: Venus crosses her retrograde shadow at 13 Aries and enters new territory

Watch this space for further blogs at key points of the Venus retrograde journey.

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