Fierce Compassion

As Goddess of Love Venus continues her retrograde journey through Aries and Pisces we are called to look at our disconnections from love and the naturally abundant feel-good of life. Her journey in Pisces for almost all of April (she begins and ends the month at Equinox point 0 Aries) asks that we bring greater tenderness to the ocean of emotion – our sensitivities, vulnerabilities and feelings of powerlessness. Only so we can bring them home to greater love and deepen our understanding of what it really means to be consciously human.

Venus’s destination in Pisces is Rainbow Bridge Chiron. They dance within one degree of exact conjunction for two weeks. Here lies the greatest clue to her retrograde. For Chiron has a gift to bestow. As Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfeld says ‘Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion’. This is Chiron’s field of play in Pisces. Bringing compassion to the dilemmas of humanness, the ones we want to fix, the places we feel we have failed, the rawness and vulnerabilities. Uncomfortable as they may be, these aspects of our lives have hidden faces. They call up in us qualities we didn’t know we had, strength and inner resources that stretch us beyond our comfort zones. Chiron shows us that these raw places have purpose – to open us beyond that which we think we’re capable of, in order that we become free. Venus in Pisces with Chiron calls us to the dissolution of judgment, the openness of unconditional love and to compassionate understanding.

The exploration of compassion is a key focus during this next month. In Pisces, compassion is an all-embracing experience of our own or another’s suffering. It’s our capacity to feel for. Its true quality is surrender and allowing, and in so doing opening the gates to a softer focus on current issues. Venus in Pisces meeting Chiron points this way – for now. Pisces, as last sign of the zodiac, is the place of endings. Yet all endings are naturally one with beginnings. And this is where the rub lies, for although we’re looking at compassion through the eyes of Pisces right now, we cannot forget Aries. For Venus is passing through both signs in her retrograde. She’s bringing qualities from both signs to synergy within us. Aries is the sign of action. It’s the warrior energy. In Aries we discover the action that moves compassion from feeling into life. In this Pisces/Aries focus, Aries initiative opens a different quality -the fierceness of compassion. What do I mean by fierceness? It’s that raw edge of directly engaging what you know you cannot avoid. It’s not just a feeling of empathy it’s a movement that changes things, that potentially reveals oneness in action. It’s the doctor battling to save a life, the mother refusing to give her son money that will be used for drugs, or the vet shooting a wounded animal. In your life it might be the final ‘no more’ in a relationship that changes everything; it might be the saying of ‘yes’ to yourself, an inner opening that allows you to receive. Venus rules love, loving, self-worth and abundance. Pisces is the place of letting go with compassion. Aries is the place of initiation that acts, that manifests empathy or understanding in a living way. It’s direct; it can be fierce. It’s the raw engagement of what is necessary for greater love to open.

Key dates in Venus retrograde journey:

3 April: Venus moves back into Pisces Focus: softening, allowing, opening, receiving 8 April – 21 April: Venus in Pisces exact square Saturn in Sagittarius 27 Pisces/Sagittarius.

Focus: judgments and fears around opening to more love, necessary boundaries, the wisdom of right timing for change. 15 April: Venus stations direct at 26 Pisces, conjunct Rainbow Bridge Chiron, sextile Warrior Mars in Taurus, square Wise Elder Saturn in Sagittarius. Focus: Realising what’s truly important; embodying new relationship values, making new connections. 21 April: Venus in Pisces (now direct) exact square to Saturn in Sagittarius 27 Focus: see 8 April – a shift and moving forward in these areas 19 May: Venus in Aries opposes Jupiter in Libra as she crosses her retrograde shadow at 13 Aries and enters new territory. Focus: Endings and beginnings in relationship and/or self-defeating behaviour recognised as an uplift of love and self-worth.

For a deeper connection to Venus energy I recommend 'Immerse Yourself in Beauty meditation and the Goddess Pathways guide here.

To read more about the current Venus retrograde go to 'Fuel for your Feel-Good Factor'

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