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We’re approaching a dynamic Full Moon in Libra next Tuesday that is likely to bring current life themes to a peak. In the power of these intense energies it’s vital that we remain centred and responsive. Our connection to stillness and presence, whether through daily meditative practice, a walk in nature or other deep activity becomes a place of refuge in the swirling tides of change.

The flow of universal energies are always peaking and ebbing. Retrograde planets are part of this universal picture and herald periods of inner focus and deep growth. These pauses from life’s incessant flow are essential for us to reflect and check in on where we’re going in external activity. They’re like an autumn and winter for the soul, opening up space and time for deepening. If we look at nature we’ll see it takes time to grow the miracle of a baby, for a flower to form and blossom. It takes inner space to paint a masterpiece. The brightest jewels are formed over eons in the heat and pressure of earth. Human beings need time and space to grow too. Allowing our self a respite from the pursuit of ‘more’ is essential to wellbeing on every level.

Retrograde planets become a focus following the Full Moon and the Sun’s meeting with Uranus next week. It’s not unusual for slow-moving outer planets to be retrograde. These herald the larger processes of evolution we’re all part of as one body of humanity, sparking deep personal transformation when active at particular points in the individual’s birth chart. Inner planets moving retrograde are a different matter. They focus our attention sharply on personal matters and our daily lives. They call us inward, bringing attention to unfinished business. In the period to early May we have a focus on retrograde planets – a breathing space before the next birthing push of consciousness. The signs and planets involved are drawing our attention to passion and pleasure, presence and power. It’s good practice to make space, open the door and invite them in. Let them show you what you need to know about depth of presence opening up the potential for deeper love and a fuller enjoyment of life.

The Astrology:

Planetary Focus: Goddess of Love Venus, Messenger Mercury, Wise Elder Saturn & Lord of the Underworld Pluto

Sign focus: Aries, Taurus, Sagittarius, Capricorn & Pisces

Goddess of Venus retrograde 4 March – 15 April: 13 Aries – 26 Pisces

Venus reigns over love and self-love, our capacity to give and receive, abundance and pleasure. She’s the Queen of feel-good and in her retrograde is revealing where we need to temper our passions with subtlety, opening up the potential of deep love, tenderness and compassion. Venus traversing back from Aries to Pisces shows where our capacity to open, attract and receive needs attention; where our calling to create is deeply linked to soul presence rather than action; where our drive to achieve what we desire has edges of force; where we need to allow and flow rather than direct.

Venus Question: What part of your life is calling for you to relax, let go, allow, receive – even though it may be edgy or scary?

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Messenger Mercury retrograde 9 April – 4 May: 4 Taurus - 24 Aries

Mercury is the traveller between worlds, ruling our mental processes, communications and short-term travel. He goes retrograde 3-4 times per year. These periods are fertile for reflection and review, re-energising ideas and projects, taking stock of direction. Mercury retrograde in Taurus & Aries calls us to look at our grounding, how enjoyment of life can disappear when passion becomes over-drive, and where the balance lies between passion, action and patience. Mercury’s meeting with Great Awakener Uranus in Aries at his direct station on 4 May amps up plans and projects begun at end of March. In the meantime hands off is a good keyword. Relax, enjoy life’s simple pleasures and allow the process to mature into its next right timing, around 9 May.

Mercury Question: What requires greater patience?

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Wise Elder Saturn retrograde 6 April – 25 August: 27 – 21 Sagittarius

Wise Elder Saturn is the planet ruling maturity, responsibilities, structure and form. He’s the planet of self-mastery, the Shaman of the zodiac, preparing us through challenge, and what feels like limitation or restriction, for the next level of growth and manifestation. Saturn’s journey through Sagittarius (December 2014 - December2017) is about core truth-telling and walking our talk, growing in real presence and focused expansion of soul vision. Saturn’s focus is extra-strong around the stations retrograde and direct (early to mid April and August)

Saturn Question: Where do you need to walk your talk with clear mature presence?

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Lord of the Underworld Pluto retrograde 20 April – 28 September: 19 – 16 Capricorn

Lord of the Underworld Pluto rules our long-term processes of transformation, the choiceless choices we have to make that assist us in developing strength and resourcefulness in the face of challenge. Pluto is the planet of Power – nuclear power and the power found within core life processes: birth, death and life-changing transformation. His retrograde period calls us into our depths to connect with gifts and qualities we didn’t know we had. Here, under the mire, we discover the gems that hold power for us to be true change-makers in our world.

Pluto question: Where are you holding power in old beliefs and life structures? What step do you know you have to take?

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With these retrograde planets interweaving - Pluto in Saturn’s natural sign, Mercury in Venus’s sign (along with her consort Warrior Mars) - the connection between our power of presence and our capacity to truly enjoy life are keen right now. It’s a time to deepen conscious practice, sit back a little (or even a lot) and allow your growth process to mature naturally. By 10 May when Mercury meets Great Awakener Uranus in exact conjunction (25 Aries) and Venus is amping up our passions again in Aries, we’re into the next ignition period. EnJoY!

These retrograde planets will be playing out in different areas of your birth-chart and hence your life. If you’re inspired to delve deeper and connect with the focused meaning of this period in your life I invite you to book a special offer 30 minute ‘Passion & Presence’ astrology consultation, available on Skype, FaceTime or phone. Investment: £35 - Limited number available. Book in here

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