What's Cooking over Easter?

Over the last month we’ve all been in the cauldron of Venus Goddess of Love, cooking up lots of insight about the nature of our relationship to love, loving and abundance. This weekend Venus stations direct, so begins her journey forward again… slowly, slowly.

Any planet’s station direct is a peak potential for shifts. These shifts can be subtle or very direct. They open as the planet moves forward and crosses what is known as the ‘retrograde shadow’ – the degrees already passed over twice. During this period, especially if our conscious focus is there, we gain understanding into the deeper nature of these shifts. The potential is we see them opening in our lives in a new way. So what is Venus bringing us?

As she stations Venus makes two strong alignments with outer planets, conjunct Chiron, aka the Wounded Healer and square to Wise Elder Saturn. It’s a potent mix that brings our personal love energies (and their transformation) into a much deeper sphere. How those planetary ingredients combine is unique for all of us. For they activate different aspects of our unique soul make-up and highlight different areas of our lives. Nonetheless you will be cooking up your own version of this shift in your capacity to give and receive love, to express with self-confidence and to fully enjoy life. Your unique mix-up may bring you the recipe for a good healthy dinner, a luscious chocolate cake, or a smorgasbord of delights. As with any good recipe, we have the ingredients; how they combine is unique to you. See what you can make of this perhaps? You’ll know where you’re drawn. For self-trust is part of this cook-up.

Venus in Pisces

Deeply compassionate

Soulful connections

Going with the flow



Sensitivity with no boundaries

Chiron in Pisces

Allowing pain to open you

Deeply accepting your humanness

Letting go of struggle

Recognising vulnerability as a gift

Embracing dilemma as a teacher

Sacrifice – healthy or not?

Saturn in Sagittarius

Discovering clear boundaries

Taking response-ability

Making wise choices

Recognising what is true and what is simply a belief

Walking your talk

Making a commitment

Venus moves slowly over her retrograde shadow, fully entering new realms on 19 May. Further insight points during this period are:

16 April: Venus sextile Warrior Mars – the Divine Lovers reunite to affirm Venus’s emergence from the underworld and their innate union

21 April: Venus square Saturn – a call to engage response-ability for love

28 April: Venus returns to Aries – the fire of passion begins to re-emerge

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Image: Breaking Free by Kaiibee

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