A Change of Pace & Focus

There is purpose and order to every movement in the universe and although the last two months may have seemed slow and tedious, having survived the pressure of emergence, now we can be like seeds arising from the pressure of earth. Rooted deep in new values through the retrograde process we can move forward with clarity, strength and deeper resourcefulness. We are entering a phase where movement is becoming lighter, faster and free, where our focus can move outwards after two months of inward journeys.

There are three main factors in this shift and they’re all moving us towards fire energy - its use, gifts, opportunities and challenges.

Mercury, Messenger of the Gods, stations direct at 24 Aries on 3 May. Mercury is conjunct Great Awakener Uranus at his station and continues to be so until 11 May. A Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Aries has the energy of a rocket launch. It’s time to initiate, energise, act and move. This is about new beginnings, the recent Venus & Mercury retrograde journeys having brought clarity to what is of greatest value to you. It’s time to be dynamic and confident in going in the direction of your dreams. 11 – 16 May are particularly important in terms of initiating your heart’s desire. You may start slow but starting is vital.

Venus, Goddess of Love is now back in Aries, first sign of the zodiac. Aries is the place of ignition and action; it’s the sign of the warrior and pioneer. With Venus we’re talking of desire, passion and immediacy. Venus’s recent retrograde brings more wisdom to our conscious creative processes now. 1 – 6 June is a prime time for an abundant harvest from inner growth over the last three months. Abundant surprises are in store in that part of your life where you’ve journeyed deep in the underworld.

The Moon’s North Node moves into Leo. Every eighteen months the Moon’s Nodes change signs and thus shift the focus of our soul growth and gifts, moving our evolutionary growth into its next phase. The North Node moved into fiery Leo, with the South Node in Aquarius, on 28 April, where they remain until November 2018. The emphasis of karma and destiny - what we’re being called to develop against where we’re already comfortable – is moving. The Leo/Aquarius axis is about leadership and group dynamics, personal creativity or co-creativity, heart connection and higher mind, romance or friendship. North Node in Leo calls us to live with heart creativity, playfulness and generosity of spirit. It’s about leading from the heart in our personal lives. South Node in Aquarius asks that we let go of hiding in the group, calls us to align radical thinking with the heart, so that we connect with rather than alienate others, that we make life deeply personal – because it is. This shift in the nodal focus calls us to finding connection in places of difference, to living our humanitarian ideals with big heartedness.

Over this summer we are immediately brought the opportunities to live from this new heart-centred awareness. As Wise Elder Saturn and Great Awakener Uranus currently in Aries and Sagittarius form a Grand Fire Trine with the North Node between May and August, ebbing and flowing in strength as the personal planets also move in alignment. In the biggest pictureSaturn/Uranus are forming three trines over the period 24 December 2016 – November 2017. These trines reveal a major theme of 2017 : freedom and boundaries, authenticity and wisdom. Together these two outer planets represent organised chaos
 - making resilient plans that can incorporate wild card change, taking flexible paths to visionary goals. They’re about waking up to new levels of wise action by deconstructing personal patterns that block change. With the North Node in Leo forming a Grand Fire Trine this period is about radically living the wisdom of Big Heart.

Key periods:

All May – 6 June : Aligning yourself with new potentials for heart-centred creativity arising in your life. Next stage of growth from realigned values recognised through backtrack period March-May. Taking the plunge with wise awareness.

The astrology: Mercury (1 -16 May) & Venus (31 May-6 June) form a Grand Fire Trine with Uranus, Saturn & the North Node. Saturn trine Uranus: second of three exact aspects (20 May).

19 July – mid September: Learning how to contain and expand the gifts & opportunities of high-risk creative fire energy.

The astrology: Next phase Grand Fire Trine, involving Saturn/Uranus/North Node plus the Sun, Mercury, Venus & Mars plus August eclipses in Leo/Aquarius. More on this later

Discover where this change of pace and focus is emerging and enlivening your life with an in-depth exploration of your unique astrological soul-map. Enquire here

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