A Powerful Alliance

This year Asteroid Goddess of marriage Juno travels back and forth through Capricorn almost all year. On her travels she dances with Lord of the Underworld Pluto who's in Capricorn long term. They’re meeting now and will dance again in exact meeting in November. What can we learn about relationships with this powerful duo in the sign of Capricorn, the sea-goat who roams and reigns from the depths of the ocean to the top of the mountain?

Juno, as well as ruling marriage, contracts and commitment, is the ancient Triple Goddess, representing the maiden, mother and crone stages of a woman's life. She is the pinnacle of Feminine energies and expression, aka Queen of Heaven. Juno as Triple Goddess is the guardian of brides, marriage and childbirth. To the ancients she was the most revered divine archetype apart from Sun God Apollo. Given her sacred nature and function as guardian of brides, Juno would naturally also be involved in partnership. And who else but a God could possibly be equipped to meet her in profound love? This God appeared in the guise of brother and husband Zeus (aka Jupiter). He was head honcho God, renowned for his amorous adventures with goddesses and mortal women alike. He met his match in Juno however. Something in her regal nature proved both an attraction and a challenge. There are many myths about the nature of their marriage. Juno was no pushover for womaniser Zeus. Certainly it was no easy relationship. Juno’s symbol of the peacock, with ‘a thousand eyes to watch for wandering husbands’ tells all. But Capricorn would say that anything worth building is a challenge. And Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, certainly has the strength, resourcefulness and tenacity to both aim high and climb the mountain of relationship challenges.

Juno is renowned for her commitment to the quest of living divine love on earth. This is what she stands for - the dedication to stay with a relationship no matter what, if the man (or In this case the God) is worthy. Juno knew if the God of Gods could open her in love then divine love would live on earth for all women. Were they successful? After years of intense strife they discovered a place of mutual rulership, where both ‘His and Her’ altars sat side by side in the temples. Both masculine and feminine were known and honoured as Divine Beings on the Earth. So what of Juno’s current match with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld? What is its relevance to our lives now?

The myths tell us Juno’s consort Zeus ruled the heavens from Mt Olympus, whereas Pluto, his brother, ruled the underworld, occasionally venturing up to the earth to dally with mortal women. Pluto as Lord of the Underworld represents power – deep tenacious power. Whereas Zeus’s power was the throwing of thunderbolts, Pluto’s power is the force held in the shadow that is ripe for transformation. Pluto rules the realm where gems and diamonds are formed – in the dark, under pressure, in the crucible of earth. Juno’s journey with Pluto takes us into the intensity of relationship shadows. And Capricorn, being the realm of the shaman, is about the deepest embodied healing – commitment to an alliance that transforms base elements into gold. So this current meeting calls us recognise what’s truly happening in relationship: a re-formation, both personally and collectively. The masculine/feminine dance is evolving, in the quest to embody a vital living connection that heals not only our personal relationships and fractured families, but our collective consciousness and understanding of how everything in life springs from the masculine/feminine connection.

Juno and Pluto’s meeting in Capricorn calls us to a deeper commitment to relating challenges, to stay with the process, to understand (literally stand under) that there is much more happening in current relationship challenges than we know. Capricorn is the sign of social responsibility; it rules timing and patience. Its ruler Saturn is the gatekeeper of new realms of consciousness – in right timing. This meeting gives us the resourcefulness to make difficult choices, the resolve to stay with those choices and reap the harvest of a union worth waiting for. It’s not an easy challenge but it’s an essential one. Juno and Pluto in Capricorn give us the tools to embrace it.

The astrology: Sun trine Pluto with Juno, as Juno turns retrograde at 18 Capricorn 9 May.

Juno and Pluto exact conjunction 17 Capricorn on 11 November 2017

Try the Juno meditation 'Activating the Triple Goddess' here

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