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Every eighteen months there is a collective shift in focus on the qualities we’re evolving in. The Nodes of the Moon represent this shift. The nodes are not planetary bodies; they are points where the Moon's orbit crosses the path of the Sun. The North Node represents future; it’s the spotlight on the qualities we need to develop. The South Node is the place of ‘let go’, opening the opportunity to move on from the parts of life that have served their purpose. With the Nodes related to the path of the Sun - our identity, the place we shine - and the Moon - our rhythms, feelings, habits, nurture and emotional well being, the position of the Nodes is an indicator of necessary change and evolution on personal levels within the collective. In late May the Nodes moved signs, signifying a shift of focus in where we are called to grow and transform. With the North Node entering Leo and the South Node moving into Aquarius this highlights themes of personal leadership/group dynamics, individual creativity/co-creativity, heart connection/higher mind, and intimacy/friendship. How we live from heart/higher mind and create real meaning in our personal lives and group connections will be under the spotlight well into 2018.

Leo is the sign of the actor. It’s the place our purely personal energies integrate and express creatively. By creatively I mean the simple process of making and living a life …. and of course, potentially much more than that. Leo is where we step onto the stage of our own making and express who we are. Leo is the fire sign where we may express our purely individual passion and creativity of heart. In its extreme it’s the Hollywood prima donna, the narcissist, arrogance; in its lack it’s lack of real interest in life, even depression. Ruled by the Sun, Leo’s fire needs regular stoking to generate its natural warmth, generosity, spirit and capacity to lead. With the North Node in Leo we’re being called to find our passion and live from it, to lead from the heart. That will look different for each of us; nonetheless its energy is generous, confident, connective and wholehearted.

Aquarius is the sign of the rebel and humanitarian, the scientist, technician or inventor. Ruled by Uranus, the Great Awakener, Aquarius lives on the leading edge of current culture. It’s the sign of freedom and equality, the higher mind, the future, artificial intelligence, space travel and new technologies. It’s the place of possibilities and sudden change. As the rebel and de-constructor of the zodiac in its extreme it’s also the place of civil unrest, earthquakes and anarchists. Whilst Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian it’s also utopian, so the danger of disconnect through ideals is strong. Aquarius will take the opposite pole ‘just because’. The need to break through to next level frequency and form is powerful. With the South Node in Aquarius we’re being called to bring ideals and futuristic themes to the heart (Leo North Node) in order that our lives our created from a place of integration, balance and connectedness. Leading with the heart ensures that love and connectedness as a living reality are primary. Humanitarian then becomes more than an ideal.

Nodal themes to explore

The games you play
 Being special or being unique
 Rebelling/powerfully yourself Creative power and joint ventures How do you love? 

Following your bliss or in the group consciousness?

Intimacy/friendship which do you need?

Friendship as an avoidance of intimacy

The energy of the Nodes in Leo/Aquarius is active until 2019 and becomes most prominent at the twice-yearly eclipses. This is when sudden events or experience flood our consciousness with the Nodal themes and change is primed, even vital. This year’s first eclipses took place in February, one of which was just into Leo, indicating this current shift of focus. Next eclipses are a Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) 7 August at 15 Aquarius, Total Solar Eclipse (New Moon) 21 August at 28 Leo, Total Lunar Eclipse 31 January at 11 Leo, Solar Eclipse 15 February at 27 Aquarius, ongoing until 2019 when the Nodes move into Cancer and Capricorn. More on these eclipses later.

I invite you to explore 'Leading from the Heart' through an in-depth exploration of your unique astrological birth-chart. Enquire here

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