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As I’m writing this blog people are at the polls playing their part in deciding this country’s future. By the time you read this, the first stage of that future will be unfolding. Whatever the outcome, despite our personal opinions, the media, the politics and polls, the spin and hype, we can’t truly know where that’s leading. We do know we live in times of great change and challenge however. Nothing is certain, if it ever was. Yet if we look deep we may know a deeper change than apparent chaos. There are pointers of hope, connection and unity to be found in even the most tragic events. They’re coming from ordinary-extraordinary people like you and I.

Exploring the movements of the planets always opens up a bigger picture than our human perspective. The energy we’re receiving here on Earth, as individuals and as one humanity, is both the communication and means of our evolution. Not in terms of what’s going to happen, but in terms of the rhythms of a prescribed time period, and the qualities we are being called to develop to meet the challenge of change. It’s the ‘as above, so below’ spoken about by sages through the ages. It’s a particular pointer at a particular time saying ‘How about this? Why not take a look at that’

As we go to the polls the planet known as the Blessing-giver, Jupiter, is stationing direct. Jupiter begins to move forward at 15.02GDT on 9th June, just after the Full Moon in Sagittarius. After four months of retrograde motion he’s opening up the third and final phase of his journey through Libra, sign of relationship. Wherever Jupiter is playing (changing signs every 12 months) is a focus for expanding our experience, knowledge and understanding. With his journey through Libra (September 2016 to October 2017) that focus lies in all our relationships, from personal to global.

Libra is the peacemaker or diplomat of the zodiac, striving to find a harmonious balance between contrasting ideas, potentials and people. Libra has a reputation of being indecisive and compromising, especially in the relationship sign Libra. Yet Libra is a cardinal sign of initiative and action. It’s about fully weighing up the dynamics, then moving. This might take a moment, or weeks, nonetheless Libra acts. With Jupiter in Libra the way of action is revealed to be connective, promoting equality and fairness, trusting the process of collaboration. Most of all, Jupiter in Libra is about being magnanimous in seeing another’s differing perspective, finding the generosity of spirit to work at making a connection and discovering a potential meeting point.

We can see the many ways the need for co-operation is playing out on our world stage. It’s playing out through division. Libra is an air sign of the mind and Jupiter the planet of belief systems, therefore division of ideology, or more personally, division of values are a current strong focus. Difference is dividing us in sometimes shocking ways. The shock factor is coming from planet of awakening Uranus in Aries (opposing Jupiter three times December 2016-September 2017). The vitriol of the Brexit referendum in the press and amongst people on social media, along with the US presidential campaign, are prime examples of this. Without doubt these are challenging times on many levels. Yet, if we look with open eyes and heart, we may see in this uprising of difference, a deeper humanity emerging, one that unites in the face of terrorism, injustice, environmental chaos and political control. Jupiter is pointing towards opening our minds beyond ideologies and personal belief systems and trusting the shared experience of our humanity to connect us, to open deeper understandings, to see us through. We can see how it’s working in ordinary-extraordinary human beings in tragic circumstances.

As I write this, before the polls close, I know that no matter the result it has to be what’s calling our future government. To be willing to work together– not just with those who agree, but with those who don’t - for the common good. It seems impossible doesn’t it? And yet if we are to not only survive but to evolve, we must. You may see how Jupiter is working in your life, in your relationships? Opening up the places of difference? Calling you to co-operate, be gracious and magnanimous in relating, to be willing to understand what you find so hard to understand?

Recognising the power we have as individuals to be the change is our birthright, and acting on that recognition makes a powerful difference. It’s a difference that feeds an evolving compassionate understanding way of being into the human psyche. Finding the generosity of spirit to open up spaces in our togetherness and our differences is the way forward. That generosity is the path of Love. Blessing-giver Jupiter is showing the way. It's in our hands.

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