Your Embodiment as a Creator

Everything natural that lives on the Earth has a pattern. It has its own unique Earth template that exists within the vast template of the Universe. From the spiral petals of a flower, to the nautilus shell, to a weather front, to the swirl of a galaxy, the natural order of the universe unfurls in infinite combinations of creative expression. That structure is not just physical. For instance music and mathematics have a structure (you could call it differing frequencies of energy) yet also a potential for unlimited combination in terms of creative expression. Musical notes creating a tune, a concerto, an opera and so on. Mathematics as the underlying structure of the Fibonacci sequence (nature’s numbering system) or the ordered yet infinite beauty of a temple built with sacred geometry.

Human beings are patterned too. The physical body is a structure, with our needs for water, food and sleep as supporting patterns for that structure. We are mental, emotional creatures with will – vehicles (moving bodies) comprised of patterns of thinking, feeling, doing and being. Just like nature we have a natural template, but we’re also unique in that we can impose our own patterns on top of the natural order, through ego. We are creative beings, with choice. We can use our will to over-ride the natural order of life - yet only as far as the natural order of the universe allows. For instance, we cannot over-ride the movement of life to change. And try as we may, we cannot impose our human will upon physical death.

In the human realm our patterns give us a sense of belonging. Those patterns might be external and physical; for instance relationships, family structure or our work. Internally we all have the human pattern of identity, yet the patterns that make up identity express in myriad ways, so each identity is unique. The patterns of belief, habit, action and ways we connect with our self and others are intensely personal. You could say we make them up, through conditioning, experience and choice. And if we make them up, despite what we may think, we can change them.

When change or chaos appears in our lives our patterns of identity undergo stress. It’s the tension of required change. We’re called to step into the unknown beyond the psychological comfort of our familiar ways of being and response. When change knocks on our door we are being called to uplift our old sense of self into a new place that has more life in it. That new place also has a structure, albeit a finer one, but whilst we’re clinging to our old identity we can’t see the new possibility. Looking through the current astrological lens we’re in a long-term period of major pattern deconstruction. In the world that looks like chaos as we see our existing structures – government, health service, education and so on - falling apart. In our own lives it’s the same. The major player in this deconstruction is Lord of the Underworld Pluto in Capricorn. Over years Pluto’s energy is moving from the background to foreground of our lives relentlessly calling us to transform. This is about undoing the false structures of power and control, the security patterns in our lives and our world - only in order that we find new ways of being that serve the whole not the self, or the few.

This weekend sees a major Full Moon in Capricorn involving the Moon conjunct Pluto and Warrior Mars with the Sun in Cancer. This Full Moon is a powerhouse of change, illuminating the places of struggle, highlighting places you’re being fake, stripping the layers to reveal your core. The potential is also a powerful manifestation of a long-standing aim. This is about your embodiment as a creator in service. Pluto’s energy, as Lord of the Underworld, takes no prisoners yet also brings earth’s hidden gems to the surface. It’s an all-or-nothing force. The energetic intention is for personal will to open to transpersonal power. What does this mean? Well often it’s about choice-less choice. A place we may not want to let go but we know we have to; a situation where we have to discover new deep resources within our self; a relationship where there’s a struggle for power that requires resolution. With Warrior Mars involved in this Full Moon a battle of wills may be playing out. Relationships are under a fierce spotlight with Jupiter in Libra’s square expressing as a demand for ‘what’s fair or right’. Moon ruler Wise Elder Saturn in Sagittarius suggests new healthy boundaries are a key point for exploration. His mature energy can point towards the opportunities for change rather than the sticking points of challenge. The intense Full Moon energies may involve a big let go, yet wonderfully may also highlight a pinnacle, a manifestation of the transformational work you’ve been undergoing for the last six months. It just depends on how you’ve been engaging life’s never-ending new possibilities for evolution.

Capricorn is the builder of the zodiac; it’s in for the long haul and its process is manifestation. Where integrity and service to the evolution of humanity has been your guide this year, a harvest is forthcoming. It could be a penetrating insight or understanding of a long-term issue; it might be a deeply aligned new sense of purpose; it may bring a sense of profound belonging. It’s like shifting a gear into 6th when you’ve been cruising in 5th. What this gearshift requires is the capacity to let down our personal defences of who we think we are, to discount our old security beliefs, in order to embody a finer sense of self. That will look different in everyone’s life. The key can be found wherever there is pressure, inside or out. With this Full Moon exact at 05.06 on Sunday 9th July, followed by the Sun opposing Pluto exact 24 hours later, where we’re hanging on to old self or life structures that pressure may well feel overwhelming. Or you may already be seeing what’s needed and make a shift.

Our world is the expression of pure creativity. It’s a creativity that has both chaos and natural order. Even in the chaos of the universe there is an underlying structure and harmony. It’s a paradox. Everything has its place. Are you ready to find your new place in the larger vision of life? The earth sign Capricorn’s finest expression is about embodiment and mastery within the physical from a place of service to the Earth and Her forms.

Key awareness for the Full Moon:

  • What security or control patterns might you have imposed over the natural order and flow of life’s movement to grow you this year?

  • What might you be hanging on to – could be internally (belief, idea, self–identity) or externally (behaviour, person, job) that you know you’ve outgrown?

  • Where is real maturity required?

  • Where might you need to empower deep and powerful trust in life’s processes of change?

Are you struggling to find the meaning of current life challenges? Are you at a turning point but can’t find the way forward? These Full Moon aspects are playing out for everyone but will have a unique flavour in your life. The incoming energies are opening a vast field of opportunities for you. To discover the resources, options and gifts available right now I invite you to book a consultation.

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