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The universal flow for August is potent, full of opportunity, and it revolves around the sign of Leo with its polarity Aquarius. On the natural zodiac wheel Leo brings us to the integration point of creative expression through the heart. It’s the gathering up of our personal experience and growth from Aries through Cancer as our unique sense of ‘I’. Leo, ruled by the Sun, is the fire sign of self-confidence, courage, creativity, fun and leadership. It’s where we create and express the heart fully as ‘my life’.

Leo energy is highly pertinent to our evolution in what’s known as ‘The Age Of Aquarius’. If we look at the rulers of both Leo and its polarity Aquarius we can perhaps understand why. Leo is ruled by the Sun. It sits at the centre of our Universe and in the individual’s birth chart represents the centre of consciousness. It’s about identity, the sense of ‘I’ and the place that individual shines uniquely. Leo is also the place of the heart, which sits at the centre in terms of chakras within the body. Leo qualities of warmth, love, creative potential and generosity are what make us feel good. Like the Sun shining on the Earth they bring us to life. It’s where we may in-joy life fully in being our self.

As the polarity to Leo energy, Uranus rules Aquarius, the sign of this Lunar Eclipse. Uranus is the bringer of sudden change, the inventor, the rebel and the humanitarian. Uranus stands for higher mind, finer frequency, energetic transmission, awakening to our potential as co-creators with Life. Being the sign of the collective its about humanity and consciousness; it’s the place of unity, the crowd or the mob. Aquarius also rules science, technology, A.I. and where that might be leading us. If we look at both signs it’s clear we need Leo as we enter Aquarius. Without Leo we may be advancing in terms of technology but we’re potentially losing our humanity. We need Leo heart energy as the connector between the Aquarian ideal of unity and the living of it; we need the heart to inform the higher mind what life on Earth is truly about; we need to reach out with heart to each other; we need to master technology rather than be slaves to it. The potential is, without Heart we enter a wasteland. It’s only in connecting to our own heart that we reach into the potential of connecting with each other. The Leo joy and heart-fullness can inform the Aquarian ideal as it becomes the truest expression of its symbol the Water-bearer, pouring forth the waters of real unity and connection.

Interestingly, Aquarius also rules astrology. So let’s take a look in more detail at what’s emerging in this dance of the heart through August. There are a plethora of dynamic aspects including two eclipses. To understand the process we must first step back into July.

23 July : New Moon at 0 Leo – This New Moon opened the Leo creative doorway and eclipse portal. It brought forth the opportunity to renew your capacity as a creative being, to let your light shine bright. This continues through to early September. Events or experience at this time is a pointer to what’s emerging for you.

26 July: Warrior Mars conjunct the Sun at 4 Leo. Every two years the Sun and Mars meet. It's the beginning of a new cycle in terms of solar empowerment - the light of the sun shining on desire and action. It’s highlighting your will, how you use it, what's of value and what has served its time. This new cycle beginning in the fiery sign of Leo raises themes of drama, performance, visibility, being seen and creative direction. Leo is the actor of the zodiac so the games you play and the stage you play them on are under the spotlight. It's a time for exploring what is merely ego and what is true creative direction, along with levels of engagement with your creative purpose (hiding, playing small, or acting out).

28 July: Messenger Mercury stepped into his retrograde shadow zone at 28 Leo then moved into Virgo. Mercury, the planet of thought, communication and travel is strong in the sign of his rulership Virgo. He's moving fast right now but will come to a standstill on 13 August to commence his third retrograde cycle of 2017. Events and experience until then give clues as to what this backtrack is about for you. There's a lot of bad press about Mercury retrograde. Yet simply it's a calling to slow down, to reflect and reconsider where we're heading (heading being the operative word here as Mercury is the left-brain ruler). In our fast-paced western culture with its focus on 'getting somewhere' and results this gives rise to the inconvenience of Mercury's seeming retrograde problems. Key themes for Mercury retrograde: Taking a wider perspective, trusting the process you’re in and its natural timing.

3 August: Great Awakener Uranus stations retrograde at 28 Aries 06.31BST. The planet of innovation, rebellion and awakening to higher frequencies changes direction after 7 months of forward momentum. Surprise and sudden change is in the air, along with our responses to it. We can feel electrified, restless, irritated or powerfully aligned when Uranus is strong. The calling is to ground your energy, deepening and understanding the wake-up that has occurred this year. With so many aspects this month this is a time of gathering up experience, distilling the wisdom and allowing integration. Uranus surprises, as he changes direction, can reveal where you are within the awakening process of a new self.

4 August: Blessing-giver Jupiter in Libra square Lord of the Underworld Pluto in Capricorn (final aspect of three since November 2016) Some aspect of your way of being or your life is coming to completion, what might that be? It could be a letting go of ideals and beliefs about the nature of connection or relationship. It might be a step up in response-ability for engaging self-mastery. It may simply be being more real, especially in relating. Certainly it’s about being more authentic in some area of your life. Not through self-judgment but as a deep empowered understanding of your role in creating the ups and downs of life and relationship, and in your growing capacity for deep transformation.

7 August: Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) 19.11GDT at 15 Aquarius. Eclipses are change-makers, awakening points that can leave us disorientated as the light of the Sun or Moon disappears temporarily. It’s like past/present/future slide together opening up new pathways of consciousness. The focus point of this eclipse cycle is you, your life and creative expression. Whether you consider yourself to be creative or not, it’s clear you are creating your life. August brings a deepening in understanding and engaging that. Are you ready?

At this Lunar Eclipse the Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius point towards our connection to our self and how that plays out in friendships, group, family dynamics, your connection to the collective. It provides the opportunity for a release before we enter the Total Solar Eclipse doorway on 21 August. Key themes are about liberating our self from personal and collective beliefs in disempowerment, getting out of the head and into the heart, out of concepts and ideals into loving connection. It’s the letting go of looking ‘outside’ for permission to be you, or checking inside to an old fixed aspect of collective belief. We are being invited to look deeply into the heart, where all is made new, and to see: Where am I being invited to actualise my creative essence? And where am I still hiding? For each of us that will be unique, for these aspects play out in different areas of our life. Self-love, family, relationship, work, play, communication, self-expression, with friends, spirituality – where is the release called for and where the step into a fuller heart expression as authenticity?

More to come on August aspects during August: Mercury retrograde, Total Solar eclipse at 28 Leo, Wise Elder Saturn station direct and Blessing-giver Jupiter sextile Wise Elder Saturn.

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