Rhythms within Rhythms, Cycles within Cycles

Any period of deep change offers differing levels of preparation. We may have a sense of where we’re going, or what we’re preparing for, but how that will unfold is unknown, and unknowable. To create new direction or new life there is always a necessary shedding of previous roles and ways of being. If we liken it to a first pregnancy; there are phases: impregnation (Leo New Moon 23 July), the growing potential of a new way of being (Lunar Eclipse 7 August), the shedding of what is no longer required in this new phase: doubts and fears, beliefs, former roles and forms. This shedding is where we are now. This period, following the Lunar eclipse in Aquarius on 7 August, is a dive inward towards the Dark Moon before re-emergence at the Solar Eclipse on 21 August. Within this phase we have many points of initiation and integration. Here are some astrological pointers to guide your way:

13 August at 01.00GDT: Messenger Mercury stations retrograde at 11 Virgo

Mercury’s retrograde journey is extra potent this month as it’s coupled with eclipses and other major aspects. Mercury’s standstill opposing the planet that rules both Spirit and illusion, Neptune, shows us that throughout the retrograde phase nothing is as it seems. The veils are pulled over our eyes and we are called to deep trust. One thing is clear: there is no way to understand this process through the mind. Right now it’s about dropping deeper into the heart and body. The Asteroid Goddess energies are supporting Mercury at his station, revealing a focus on the qualities of devotion to the process of growth, patience, being grounded, tenderness and nurture…. much like during a pregnancy.

Key awareness: don’t believe what your mind says or even what your eyes see, trust your heart knowing. Avoid decision-making - events and experience between now and early September will reveal a clearer picture and direction.

The astrology: Mercury is conjunct Priestess Vesta in Virgo, trine Wisdom Warrier Pallas Athena in Taurus, sextile Venus & Earth Mother Ceres in Cancer and opposing Great Dissolver Neptune in Pisces.

21 August at 19.30GDT: Total Solar eclipse at 28 Leo This month’s Solar Eclipse is the second New Moon in Leo this year. Moon in Leo highlights self-confidence, love and creative power for Leo is the sign of our individual heart expression. It’s the zodiac sign of personal integration playing out in our lives as passion for life, creative and leadership power. This second New Moon in Leo brings focus to what we express and how. It’s a dynamic time for recognising your unique creative calling and seeing where you may move confidently towards next phase growth. A Grand Fire Trine comprising the Solar eclipse with Mars, Great Awakener Uranus in Aries and Wise Elder Saturn in Sagittarius make this a pivotal point for creative self-confidence and power. Events or circumstances in your life from around this year’s Lunar Eclipse at 22 Leo (11 February 2017) may well re-emerge at this time; even from as far back as the Solar Eclipse in Leo on 11 August 1999. The preparation undergone between then and now is your platform for change. Overall it’s about stepping onto a new stage of heart expression, fully being the uniqueness of your evolving self. With Mercury retrograde at the time of the Solar Eclipse, it will certainly take time to complete the process and integrate. It’s not time to move yet, but to feel, grow and nourish your heart’s potential for full expression.

Still to come in this process:

25 August: Deeper understanding of the process and timing for grounding creative direction

Wise Elder Saturn stations direct at 21 Sagittarius

27 August: Re-visioning big picture direction, plans and organisation

Blessing-giverJupiter in Libra sextile Wise Elder Saturn in Sagittarius

5 September: Insight, synchronicities and messages abound

Messenger Mercury stations direct at Solar eclipse Point 28 Leo

6 September: Communication and action with a clearer understanding

Full Moon at 13 Pisces

19 September: Stepping onto new ground

Messenger Mercury crosses his retrograde shadow at 11 Virgo

28 September: The power for real change becomes available

Lord of the Underworld Pluto stations direct at 16 Capricorn

28 September: The completion of a cycle of awakening, new spiral emerging

Blessing-giverJupiter opposes Great Awakener Uranus (final of 3) at 27 Libra and Aries

Watch this space for future blogs on this process

For the emergent process so far re-read ‘Are You Ready?’

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