From Activation to Action

Eclipses occur every six months. They are the butt-kickers and benchmarks for our growth processes here on Earth. The energies of Eclipse activations flow out inside us in ever expanding waves from each Eclipse point. They open our consciousness to a higher point of integrating light and dark energies within us. In truth no Eclipse exists alone as we can always relate back to similar events in the cycle. For instance the latest Total Solar Eclipse at 28 Leo has roots in the Total Solar Eclipse on 11 August 1999 at 18 Leo. We can never truly know the implications of any singular event; we can see the rhythms within the collective and our own lives however.

Looking at the short-term flow from the Total Solar Eclipse on 21 August there are planetary patterns to be explored. Those patterns and connecting points can be our guides in understanding what the energetic activation (the dance of light and shadow) is leading us to explore in our human lives. My blogs ‘Are You Ready?’ and ‘Rhythms within Rhythms, Cycles within Cycles’ began this process. We’re now about to enter the next stage process. To understand that let’s look at the progression of signs Leo to Virgo where these energies are playing.

Leo is the zodiac sign of fixed fire. It’s where the integration of the learning and experience from Aries (birth or spring equinox) through to Cancer stabilise as the individual’s unique creative expression, heart-centred enjoyment of life and leadership potential. The mutable earth of Virgo, the next sign, defines, refines and purifies that in order to be of service in life. It’s where the individual takes a step into the world to contribute with their unique energetic make-up. It’s where we find our work, service and contribution to life. In this current growth process the Leo Eclipse has been activating next level potential for heart-centred creative expression. Messenger Mercury retrograde in Virgo has called us to reflect on what that means and how we might express this new level of heart power. Of course for each individual this will play out in different parts of life according to where Leo and Virgo sit in their birth-chart. No matter where that is, Virgo is the evolution of Leo. It’s its next stage, calling for focus on what I can offer (Virgo) through shining as my self (Leo ruled by the Sun).

To further complicate yet expand this current process we have Pisces energies strongly active in this process. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac; it’s the place of collective consciousness, where we disappear as individuals, either through surrender, inspiration and flow, devotion and practices such as meditation, or through escapism, co-dependence and avoidance. Pisces delivers vast consciousness to this unfolding growth phase: consciousness for expansion to a higher vision of service in our lives, or as fuel for confusion, victim consciousness and avoidance. Pisces calls us to faith, deep trust in who we truly are and an expanded vision for our lives. Now as we approach a gathering up and deepening understanding of life experience and insights from the initial New Moon of this phase at 0 Leo on 23 July, we’re called to discernment of where the Heart is leading. Heart being the big Heart that gives naturally as a way of being. Ongoing aspects open the door to next level insight and choices. We may feel the need to take action as these aspects unfold yet discernment and small steps are the key requirement until late September.

1-5 September: A massive influx of energy at the Eclipse point demands we pay attention to messages received through experience since 21 August.There could be a few feisty fiery moments so it’s essential to step up into the new heart-centred sense of self that has been activated. Whatever is moving is a key to finer heart consciousness. Certainly it's time to drop old victim stories whilst finding compassion for what has served and letting it go with love. Conscious Heart presence in your life is the calling. How might that look in your life?

Aspect: Messenger Mercury moves back into Leo and is conjunct Warrior Mars at the Total Solar Eclipse point 28 Leo. Also trine to Great Awakener Uranus in Aries, activating this summer’s Grand Fire Trine, and quincunx Rainbow Bridge Chiron in Pisces.

5 September: Insight, synchronicity and messages abound, arising from experience since 13 August. Listen, watch, pay attention and discern.

Aspect: Messenger Mercury stations direct at Eclipse point 28 Leo

6 September: The Full Moon in Pisces points towards the synergy of mind, feeling and soul within our self (Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon). It’s the left and right hemisphere balance of the brain, how the ways we use our mind can support and nourish our self, or cause imbalance through being overly rational or critical, escapist or unfocused. It’s where spirit meets mind and body, the synergy of our energetic and physical systems. This period heralds a gathering up of events and experiences from around 21 August opening deeper insight and understanding of what’s needed to move forward. Mercury station direct is re-activating this summer’s Grand Fire Trine energies so previous opportunities open up in a new way, or you may see your way forward more clearly due to inner shifts of perspective. With the Full Moon conjunct its ruler Great Dissolver Neptune (strong in its own sign Pisces) its vital to believe in the power of new beginnings. Don’t listen to your old victim stories or self-doubts, or allow emotional confusion to cloud your mind. With the Sun and Moon in positive aspects to Lord of the Underworld Pluto in Capricorn and Goddess of Wisdom Pallas Athena in Taurus, we’re being called to deep understanding of the processes of change on Earth, the wisdom of timing, patience and rootedness in what you know to be deeply real. With Goddess of Love Venus in Leo quincunx the Full Moon and Neptune, there’s a tension between what you might want life to look like and how it actually is. The demand for demonstrations of love or to be centre spotlight, are potentially conflicting with the deeper need to trust your self, trust the process and allow the power of your own heart centred self-confidence to guide you.

Aspect: 08.03GDT Full Moon at 13 Pisces

Related aspects still to come:

18 - 20 September: Stepping onto new ground - a part of the process completes. Forgiveness of self and/or other may be a key component. Veils of confusion begin to disperse; action becomes discernible. New frequencies of love and connection abound. Events and experience from around that time will reach their next stage now. Yet all is not as it seems. We may be looking for clarity and movement but it’s necessary to realise that, as with nature, we can’t push the seed to grow. Instead we are called to nurture vision and expansion through detail focus, planning, organising, small steps in the right direction.

Aspects: Messenger Mercury crosses his retrograde shadow at 11 Virgo & opposes Neptune in Pisces. Venus conjunct the Total Solar Eclipse point 28 Leo. New Moon at 27 Virgo, 06.30GDT 20 September

24 September: A temporary blip; a lack of self-confidence or direction, allowing imagination or fantasy to create confusion; old self stories re-emerging only to be forgiven and loved home.

Aspect: Warrior Mars opposes Great Dissolver Neptune

28 September: The completion of a cycle of awakening, new growth spiral emerging. The power for real change becomes available. Action to keep uplifting yourself into new life and heart expression is essential.

Aspects: Blessing-giver Jupiter opposes Great Awakener Uranus (final aspect of 3 since December 2016) at 27 Libra and Aries, also quincunx Rainbow Bridge Chiron at 26 Pisces. Lord of the Underworld Pluto stations direct at 16 Capricorn.

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