Stepping onto New Ground

Life’s recent intensity may have seemed interminable. You may have felt you have no idea who you are, where you are or even what’s important. It may have felt the heart activation I’ve been writing and speaking about since late July would never arrive. But finally we are reaching new ground. It’s a landing place for new expression and creative potential to take root in the soil of your life.

When new frequency energy arrives on the Earth – particularly the potent heart uplifts of the recent Eclipse energies – for most of us there is a process to undertake. As we open our hearts and minds to new life possibilities at a finer frequency, as that new frequency energises our cells, old frequencies come to life too. These old frequencies are our previous creation. They are energies that have served their time and purpose and they are calling to come home. Where is home? This process is where our misperceptions about evolutionary energies often lie. For home is you, their original creator. As we are receiving finer energy and being invited to live that new frequency, we are bringing the old creation home. New energy doesn’t land here on Earth fully if we don’t. This is the crux point, for we are creators and transformers.

We can’t embody and manifest new creative expression when we’re still holding on to old energy. That old life comprises forms, beliefs and ideas, even inspirations that may have to be lovingly let go. It might be something that makes us feel secure (but stuck or dead) an identity or relationship that has run its course. This is where an uplift process can get messy, uncomfortable and even painful. For sometimes we simply don’t want to let go, or we think we can’t see what’s required of us. Resistance to the uncertainty of change makes what could be an instant uplift into a process of challenge. Even with immediate surrender to new energies pouring in, there is still clearing up to do. For that’s our human process right now - to be the meeting point of our old creation and our infinite possibility, as consciousness evolving humanity.

In this current process two planets in particular have been pointing the way to what this ‘old creation’ might be, Mercury and Chiron. Messenger Mercury was the only God able to traverse freely through all levels of heaven, earth and underworld. Retrograde in Virgo he shines light on the shadow of our thought processes - beliefs, judgments, self or projected criticism, worry or anxiety, fear of the future (the unknown). Rainbow Bridge Chiron in Pisces stands for our deep emotional vulnerabilities, the rawness of shame, seeming failure and playing the victim. Paradoxically Chiron is the place of futility, ‘I can’t be bothered’ or I’m too tired’ yet also the place of sweet feeling connection that arises when we’re exhausted, when all our defences are down, if we dare to go there. Both these planets have been revealing the ‘old creation’ that is calling for transformation on mental emotional levels. With Mercury now moving forward that old energy transformed is the rocket fuel available for new life. Transformation takes place in seeing and loving it to death, in allowing it to be there yet living consciously beyond it. This is our current task as human beings, for the sake of our self and all humanity.

Planetary configurations over the next two weeks are grounding the expression and creation of this uplifted heart frequency at a new level. In that shift we need to take another look at the Leo Total Solar Eclipse point, 28 Leo, for both its core energy and direction. Leo is the sign of the heart, creative expression, play and leadership. It’s the fire sign of generosity, joy, passion and power, your capacity to shine as your unique self, ruled by the Sun. Leo qualities are the keys to this final shift. For it takes courage to step into the unknown. This is a primary Leo quality. It takes self-confidence to roar ‘I’m here’ like a lion. It takes self-love to allow yourself to shine, not from your ego but from your creative capacity. Most of all it takes heart to fully live on the evolutionary edge.

We are all creating our lives, whether we’re aware of it or not. Universal energies pouring in over the next two weeks show us the final jigsaw pieces to this intense phase. You’ve been prepared to live this new frequency. Are you ready to fully claim your creative capacity? Are you willing to let your heart shine?

17-19 September: Venus brings the gifts of her blessing to the process so far, opening the door to a harvest of harmony, loving connection and abundant creative potential. The quincunx to Chiron magnifies what you may consider to be your weakest points or failings. Big questions: are you still going to believe them? Are you going to use them to judge yourself, to disengage rather than open in vulnerable connection? You have a choice. What is the most loving way forward? What brings you greater wholeness? Forgiveness may well be necessary, of your self or others. This is a time to make valuable commitments to your own creative potential, to nurture ‘right relationship’ and connection (especially with your self) and to take action for your passions.

Aspect: Goddess of Love Venus is the final personal planet to reach the Leo eclipse point (28 Leo) along with the Moon, activating this summer’s Grand Fire Trine and quincunx to Rainbow Bridge Chiron in Pisces.

20 September: A new field of potential is opening with the Virgo New Moon. Yet it’s a case of cycles within cycles within cycles. Messenger Mercury, the ruler of this New Moon, is crossing his retrograde shadow zone and opposing Neptune as he did on 12 August. Events and experience from around that time will reach their next stage now. Yet all is not as it seems. We may be looking for clarity and movement but it’s necessary to realise that, as with nature, we can’t push the seed to grow. Instead we are called to nurture vision and expansion through detail focus, planning, organising, small steps in the right direction. A quincunx from the New Moon to Great Awakener Uranus in Aries means adjustment is needed between what you might want and what is ripe. Frustration and impatience may be evident but not useful. This earthy New Moon in the flow of a Grand Earth Trine with Lord of the Underworld Pluto in Capricorn and Wisdom Goddess Pallas Athena in Taurus, points towards nature as a mirror. Being in your deep feminine wisdom. Allowing rather than pushing, preparing and refining rather than leaping. Wisdom shows us everything has its season.

Aspect: 06.30GDT New Moon at 27 Virgo:

24 September: A potent time for the arrival of key insight and understanding from a much bigger perspective. This could appear as a temporary lack of self-confidence or direction, allowing imagination or fantasy to create confusion; old self stories re-emerging calling to be forgiven and loved home. Key awareness: I am the power that gives life to my old story or to infinite creative potential

Aspect: Warrior Mars opposes Great Dissolver Neptune

28 September: The completion of a cycle of awakening, new spiral of growth emerging. The power for real change becomes available. Action to keep uplifting your self into new life and heart expression is essential. Pluto calls forth the power to transform lingering shadows and to manifest with new heart integrity.

Aspects: Blessing-giver Jupiter opposes Great Awakener Uranus (final aspect of 3 since December 2016) at 27 Libra and Aries, also quincunx Rainbow Bridge Chiron at 26 Pisces. Lord of the Underworld Pluto stations direct at 16 Capricorn.

My recent blogs Are You Ready? Rhythms within Rhythms, Cycles within Cycles and From Activation to Action also point the way to key indicators in this growth process. You may wish to re-read them for key insights.

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