The Dance of Light & Shadow

In the ancient Greek & Roman panthea two brothers, Jupiter (aka Zeus) and Pluto (aka Hades) were the guardians of the heavens and the underworld. Jupiter, ruler on Mount Olympus, oversaw the dramas of gods and mortals alike. He was respected as the ‘allfather’ of gods and men, the one humans appeased and appealed to for justice and clemency. His brother Pluto, as Lord of the Underworld, with his wife Persephone as Queen, took care of souls in the afterlife. Pluto was also the god of wealth, as the lord of all riches that lie under the ground. With their brother Neptune/Poseidon, God of the Oceans, Jupiter and Pluto held three-fold sovereignty over all the earthly and heavenly realms.

In our current times we don’t generally appease or appeal to the gods for guidance. Yet as we grow in understanding ourselves as evolving human beings these ancient archetypes that are held in the psyche as internal aspects of our nature become evident. They can be guides in self-understanding at a purely human level. We may also explore their energies as universal energy archetypes through the planets in astrology. These archetypes provide a means to locate our self within our constantly changing evolving role within the universe. Looking through the astrological lens we have a potential to unite the human element and the current rhythms of the universe in our self, through the planetary movements and aspects.

So what do Jupiter and Pluto reveal to us about current evolutionary rhythms? Every 12 years the planet known as the blessing-giver Jupiter (aka Zeus chief god of the heavenly realms) changes signs. This planet representing expansion, opportunity and growth, enthusiasm, travel, philosophy and the higher mind is a seeker of truth through experience. On 10 October Jupiter moves from air sign Libra to water sign Scorpio. So for the next twelve months we’re being guided to dive deep into the Scorpio realms of the Great Mystery - the root chakra fields of growth: survival instinct, money, sex and death. It’s no coincidence that orgasm is also known as ‘la petite mort’. Scorpio represents the hidden facets of our experience, death and rebirth, primal emotions and sexuality. Signifying the underworld of our sub-conscious, Scorpio wants to get the core of whatever the current mystery is. Consider the roles of private investigator, psychiatrist or the tantrika. They are key Scorpio archetypes. Pluto (Jupiter’s brother) is the natural ruler of Scorpio so their partnership in this new journey calls us to unite the realms of heaven and underworld – truth and shadow – through revelation, in a living breathing growth process on the Earth. Both Capricorn and Scorpio are infinitely resourceful signs, giving all for what deeply inspires (or obsesses) them. Through our necessary journey in their realms hidden gems of the underworld may be discovered and revealed.

Pluto travels slowly and is in the earth sign of Capricorn for fifteen years. Capricorn, as the last earth sign of the zodiac, represents processes of embodiment through integrity. It is also the sign of the builder and shaman, understanding the role of response-ability in manifestation. Capricorn is where we organise, build, manage or control the structures that serve our own lives and the collective. It’s where we live our belief structures through following the established, often unwritten, rules of our culture, or through our own integrity and knowledge of truth. It’s where we give form to our lives in service to our culture. Being a sign of integrity and a cardinal sign of initiation and action, it’s also where we re-form our lives, particularly with Pluto traversing Capricorn 2008-2023.

So what can we expect with Jupiter’s year long journey through Scorpio. If we consider the three symbols for this watery sign, we find some clues:

  • The Scorpion: an intensification of focus on Scorpio’s less conscious traits: emotional manipulation, obsessions and betrayals, sexual power games, underhand political manoeuvres and survival at any cost.

  • The Eagle: A keen perception of what is hidden; the capacity to use eagle-eyed perspective to gain an over-view and pinpoint subtle energy movements of light and shadow; awareness holding the space for transformation.

  • The Phoenix: This is the primary positive engagement of Jupiter’s fire in Scorpio’s deep watery world. The calling to rebirth through intense emotional or sexual cleansing. Bringing light to the darkness, truth to the shadows and integrity to power plays. Energy held in the underworld can be released, brought to light and used positively for growth. Scorpio’s positive traits: keen perception, insight, deep self-knowledge and passion for understanding lead the way to using negative experience as a fire of learning to live with integrity.

Scorpio can be the sign of the fearless truth warrior, confronting fears and shadows in the possibility of glimpsing the Great Mystery. The core of Scorpio is about the use of power: to have power over something/someone and to use it, or power for the dive deep into one’s own shadows and the ascent to higher consciousness in rebirth.

If we explore some well-known personalities with Jupiter in Scorpio natally we discover a flavour of this transit’s energy, expression and possibilities.

Georgia O’Keefe: Painting into her 90’s despite being almost blind and suffering with muscular dystrophy, she is known for her boldly innovative and intimate art. Consider her images of bones against the stark desert sky – pure Scorpio.

Stephen King: Prolific author of supernatural fiction and fantasy. As a child, King apparently witnessed one of his friends being struck and killed by a train. This deeply Scorpionic event led to his interest in the mystery of life/death. His quote, ‘Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us.’ reveals the play of Jupiter in Scorpio in his writing.

The Dalai Lama: Spiritual leader of the people of Tibet, his penetrating perception and insight into the human condition are clear. Since the mid-1980s, he has engaged in a dialogue with scientists in the fields of psychology, neurobiology, quantum physics and cosmology. This has led to a historic collaboration between Buddhist monks and world-renowned scientists in trying to help individuals achieve peace of mind. His quote “Forgiveness doesn't mean forget what happened. … If something is serious and it is necessary to take counter-measures, you have to take counter-measures” reveals the quality of Jupiter in Scorpio in his expression.

Elvis : What could be more excessively and provocatively sexual than Elvis’s smouldering good looks and suggestive hip thrusts? This is Jupiter in Scorpio expressing as sexual potency.

Questions to reflect and act on whilst Jupiter in Scorpio:

  • Where and how are you driven to explore the Great Mystery of birth, death, sexuality and the meaning of life? What intrigues you?

  • Where do familial or cultural norms inhibit you from being yourself? Are those inhibitions still necessary? Or have you now outgrown them?

  • What might you be hiding from yourself or others that is looking for redemption? Have you considered you might be concealing and withholding jewels in the darkness?

  • What long held emotional beliefs need to be purged? How might you seek support in that process?

Jupiter is in Scorpio from 10 October 2017 to 8 November 2018. If you would like to explore the opportunities and gifts of this transit in relation to your unique astrological blueprint, enquire further or book in here.

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