Removing The Masks

Why current planetary ingresses are good for us all, but particularly women…

The movement of planets through the zodiac, much like the flow of seasons on earth, brings us into different phases of darkness and light. In current human evolution we can’t have one without the other, although we might try to, especially inside our self. It’s as if they are constantly seeking each other out like sun and rain, day and night, brightness and shadow, joy and pain: their contrast in our human psyche creating the dynamic for transformation and growth.

Since early October, when Blessing-giver Jupiter moved into Scorpio (see my previous blog The Dance of Light and Shadow), the news has been filled with revelations of abuse, predatory behaviour and rape. Is this a new level of sexual violence taking place? Not at all, it is however the beginning of an unmasking, a deep dive into the dynamics of sex and power that pervade the relationship between genders globally. From the corridors of Westminster to the casting couches of Hollywood, revelations of ‘me too’ are opening up what has been previously hidden or denied. Suddenly those affected by inappropriate sexual behaviour or worse are willing to speak up, to break the taboo. In speaking up there are a multitude of demands, not least of which is to be heard. Yet perhaps the biggest desire is to highlight our culture’s refusal to see the scale of this issue. This is where planetary energies play their part – as above, so below. Scorpio is the sign of secrets, hidden motivations and manipulation, emotional power (or force) and sexuality. With Jupiter, ruler of truth-seeking Sagittarius, in this deepest of water signs for the next year, these current revelations are making just the tiniest hole in the dam of denial. But in truth we haven’t see anything yet; the flood of revelation is just beginning.

Jupiter in Scorpio for a year is a powerful force for opening up what is hidden. This week sees another shift of energy in favour of integrity and redemption. Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith enters earth sign Capricorn. Vilified over centuries as a seductress, witch and worse, Black Moon Lilith is an integral aspect of the Earth-Moon relationship, connected to the Moon’s elliptical orbit. As a female archetype she represents one aspect of the Divine Feminine nature, that which has been feared beyond time for its naturally dual, life-giving and death-wielding, nature. Any cultural focus on just one aspect of a whole creates imbalance and it’s the collective female shadow that has born that focus. The deep emotions of shame, humiliation, compulsions and rage are deemed unacceptable by ‘civilised’ society, and by many of us personally. They lurk beneath the veneer of ‘normality’ and are particularly connected to the manipulation and abuse of sexual power. When women’s naturally creative power - She births and She destroys - is denied, judged, dishonoured or humiliated, a culture loses its soul. As the sexual creative power has been controlled (by both men and women) through ignorance and fear, we have lost connection to the utterly impersonal creative power of Life itself. We have cut ourselves off from the wellspring of life. Our lack of right relationship to the Earth reflects this. As a collective many human beings inhabit a soul-less desert, and we may well be on the way to creating one. Yet hopefully not: for there is a fail-safe. Although we think we’re in control, we are not. Yet we do have response-ability – and this brings us back to Capricorn.

Black Moon Lilith’s journey through Capricorn, where she will join Lord of the Underworld Pluto, adds a swelling of voices to this current flood of ‘me too’. Capricorn is the sign of social responsibility. On a collective level it represents our organisational structures and how they serve: more appropriately, if they serve. On a personal level Capricorn is the sign that represents self-mastery. It is the journey through earth experience from personal ambition to full response-ability for creation. Black Moon Lilith in this last earth sign brings focus to the Feminine power of creation, to the earthly processes of turning lead into gold, coal into diamonds. She is a servant to the transformation and uplifting of earth structures (mine, yours, our cultures) into new frequency. She is an alchemist, a shaman, with a calling to master and contribute through her own autonomy. The shadow of Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn is control or being controlled. It’s easy to see how her blazing myth-busting, truth-seeking qualities will break open the doors of false power in this earth sign. Those who serve personal ambition, particularly through manipulative or abusive means, will face the consequence. The cracks have been showing for a while now as Lord of the Underworld Pluto, in Capricorn since 2008, shakes the foundations of corruption, greed and self-serving actions. Pluto represents the erosion of that which no longer serves. As Black Moon Lilith and ruler of Capricorn, Wise Elder Saturn, enter this sign too (Saturn on December 21st) the demand for evolved Capricorn’s qualities – responsibility, integrity, strength, resourcefulness and social accountability – will escalate. Attempts to control the outpouring will fail miserably as those who are finding their voice also discover the strength to keep saying ‘No more!’ This is not only a re-balancing of gender equality but a re-emerging of female sovereignty. It’s time to stand up, speak up.

David Graeber in The Guardian reached into the core of the sexual predation revelations this week with his statement, ‘In endless ways, the violence of powerful men plays havoc with our souls. It makes us complicit in acts of mutual destruction’. Sexual exploitation desecrates the souls of both men and women. It makes us each other’s enemies when in truth we are partners, co-creators, lovers and equal but different on this Earth. It’s certainly past time for the violating/blaming/shaming dance between men and women to find a new ground of connection. The process has begun, and is intensifying …. firstly the masks come off in Scorpio honesty, then Capricorn’s maturity and response-ability opens the door for us to become the architects of new ways of being. It’s a journey begun in the 60’s reaching a new level, with its culmination in the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn in 2020. Until then the calling to honesty about one’s motivations and the discovery of the inherent power for evolution in that honesty, can be our guide.

If you'd like to explore these current planetary aspects at deeper levels within your own life, I invite you to book an in-depth astrology consultation here.

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