The Wisdom of Timing

A gardener knows the wisdom of timing. Nature has its innate knowing of readiness; Mother Nature cannot be rushed. Human nature is the same. We cannot force ourselves to change. We may use will alone to over-ride our nature but in truth, manifestation of change is always the meeting of intricate complexity with possibility. We cannot control it. We can nurture ourselves in new beginnings though. Just like a gardener tends her newly planted seeds, we can provide the right conditions for growth. We can intend and act towards our desired vision. Change happens naturally, with our engagement, but in its own timing. That timing is a synergy of our human readiness and our universal rhythms. We are as much a part of the universe and its timing as we are of the Earth. Each has its own timing, as do we. We are the creators of time, in terms of our perspective, yet we are also subject to rhythms beyond our own.

We’re entering a period of slow down soon. It s a gathering up of the change we’ve experienced since Wise Elder Saturn entered fire sign Sagittarius in December 2014. The planet Saturn is a gate-keeper planet, an intermediary of our humanness and our universal potential. In traditional astrology Saturn is seen in a grim light as the energy of constraint, discipline, hard work and maturity. And he does stand for the challenges we face to take full response-ability for our self. Yet Saturn is also a teacher. He’s the mentor that guides us to self-mastery, to walking our talk, to being fully authentic and living in a way that contributes to the collective. In Sagittarius he’s the teacher of wisdom, particularly the wisdom of timing. When we are fully ready for the next phase and all it will bring, in terms of both our human qualities and capacity for consciousness, the gate opens.

Sagittarius is the final fire sign of the zodiac. Its energy is the roar of a wildfire: uncontained, sometimes uncontainable; full of life yet potentially dangerous; intense in its desire to expand and grow. It’s the traveller of the zodiac; the one who seeks pastures new through an expansion of the mind, body or soul; the one who seeks to learn from the understanding of its experience. Sagittarius is the calling to ever-new possibilities. Ruled by expansive Jupiter, it is also the sign of the teacher. Unlike Saturn this is the sign of learning through opportunity and growth rather than limitation and responsibility. Saturn’s journey through Sagittarius has brought these two teacher energies together. We’ve been learning to walk the fine line between unmitigated expansion and contraction; between vision, hope and faith and the practical reality of living in a human body; between trusting in the power of the universe to make it happen and our own response-ability to engage our infinite possibility (see previous blogs below). Sagittarius is our sense of possibility, the spirit of our vision; Saturn is the embodiment and manifestation of that in our lives. Saturn leaves Sagittarius on this year’s Solstice, entering his own sign Capricorn. What we’ve learnt through his sojourn in Sagittarius is the foundation for manifestation in Capricorn, the sign of self-mastery and social contribution. The helper in uncovering our preparedness for this next stage with Saturn in his own sign is Messenger Mercury.

From 3rd to 23rd December Messenger Mercury makes his final retrograde journey of 2017. Mercury rules the mind and its activity of research, questioning, planning and organisation, along with communication and travel. There’s lots of bad press about Mercury retrograde. It’s wise to distrust the absolute nature of this perspective, but this retrograde, coming just prior to the festive season when many of us are extra-busy or travelling, will certainly bring its challenges. This is where awareness may open our understanding of the rhythms we move through in our lives. Mercury retrograde is a time for a more inward rhythm; our brain is receiving universal frequency in a different way. (see previous blogs below) The mind is called backwards into reflection, reviewing and modifying, rather than forward into planning and projection. Hence the retrograde bad press of ‘don’t travel or sign contracts’. With Mercury moving backwards (from Earth perspective) in the sign of the traveller, it’s certainly wise to be extra aware in making and double-checking plans over this period. Sagittarius energy can miss the details in its big picture orientation and with Mercury’s retrograde our tendencies to trust to luck rather than double-check will be exacerbated. Aside from mundane matters the Messenger’s retrograde highlights this expansion/contraction process we’ve been in since late 2014. Major themes to explore during this retrograde period include your processes with vision and reality, walking the talk, idealism and action, recognising and taking responsibility for your creative power, doing too much/too little, or distorted perspective on the scale of a project. What’s been happening in your life since December 2014? Now is the time to reflect on the process and its next phase. Overall this is about the integration of new possibilities and what you are doing with them; it concerns taking a stand in the world for your vision.

Sagittarius is a sign that looks for the meaning. The integration point of this planetary sojourn shows us that we are the meaning and we’re creating the meaning through commitment and action in our lives. In other words, how you life your vision, how you life as if, is as important, if not more so, as what’s actually happening. This is a great time to discover what truly has value in your life and what has lost its meaning. Where and what are you giving energy to that no longer has value? Festive season and family activities immediately spring to mind. Are you just going through the motions? Are you being true to what is really required rather than what has always been done? It’s interesting that Mercury comes to standstill on this year’s Solstice, the time of maximum light or darkness, depending on your location. Our reflection through Mercury’s journey can reveal the harvest of growth since December 2014. It may also reveal where we’ve lost faith in our self or our potential and where the fire needs rekindling. Making space for quiet time is essential in this next month. Despite our goal focused go-go-go western culture it’s a natural urge to slow down and go inward at times. Nature has its rhythm, as do we. Next level maturity is imminent in understanding the wisdom received in this three year journey and its timing. It is your foundation for manifestation as Saturn makes his journey into Capricorn in December. The full synergy of this period may not become evident until mid January however.

This transit affects us all but if you have planets or points at 13-29 Sagittarius or any of the mutable signs, it’s particularly potent for you.

Astrology of this whole period:

24/25 November, R on 10 December, final on 6 January: Mercury in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries and square Chiron in Pisces:

The mind engaged and fired with possibilities yet also self-doubts and vulnerabilities. Time to fire up transformation with inspiration and faith.

28 November & 13 January: Mercury conjunct Saturn at 28 Sagittarius, then at 2 Capricorn

A point of recognition of what’s been taking place in this three year period and what more is required to take full response-ability for your vision and its growth in your life. The mind may move towards past experience, not to dwell on it, but to reflect on what you’ve learnt.

19 November, R on 16 December, final on 29 December: Mercury in Sagittarius trine the Moon’s North Node in Leo:

New heart-centred direction opening, or reigniting what still has value but needs more energy and commitment.

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