Gathering the Wisdom

Art by Fabian Waits

We’re moving towards a rare astrological occurrence on this year’s Solstice. The planet that governs our journey to maturity, Wise Elder Saturn, enters his own sign Capricorn just 36 hours before the Solstice point, which every year is marked by the Sun’s entry into Capricorn. Then at 21.08GMT on the Solstice the Sun and Saturn meet at exactly 0 degrees Capricorn. The light of the Sun highlights and activates Saturn’s upcoming three-year transit through his own sign. This rare astrological event last took place in the 17th century.

There’s much more to come on Saturn’s journey through Capricorn. In the main it’s about rules, boundaries and responsibilities. Sounds pretty serious right? But it’s also about how we live with integrity and give form to what’s deeply of value. As I said, there’s more on that to come. Right now I’m drawn to share about the gathering up process we are in before the Solstice point and just beyond.

If you’re interested in planetary rhythms, you’re likely aware that since 3 December, Mercury, the planet representing the mind, communication and travel has been travelling retrograde (take a look at The Wisdom of Timing). Mercury stands still to move forward again on 23 December so we’re now approaching the culmination of his journey back through fire sign Sagittarius. A few plans or expectations falling away this coming week perhaps? And the need for flexibility, spontaneity and good grace in the face of the unexpected. In truth the only certainty is change and on personal levels Mercury often signifies it, especially when he changes direction. Wise Elder Saturn has also been intimately involved in this December process. It’s a gathering up of the last three year’s discovery. Its about recognising what we’ve learnt whilst Saturn has been in fire sign Sagittarius and how that will equip us as Saturn changes focus. We’re talking about the synergy of freedom and responsibility, vision and walking the talk, enthusiasm and commitment, passion and patience, unbounded expansion and limits. Here are some questions that may support you in deepening understanding over this next week or two:

  • Where have you been facing the need to face reality? What are you learning about yourself in this?

  • How is the need to simply do what needs to be done, even when you don’t want to, growing you?

  • Where have you been forced to slow down? What gifts is that bringing you?

  • How is your relationship to your mind opening up? What old self-limiting beliefs are going, and need to go? Clue: sometimes it looks like the old negative beliefs are getting stronger, but the truth is whilst your consciousness is getting finer they merely appear stronger. It’s like shining a bright light into the darkness; the darkness seems blacker

  • What outworn boundaries have fallen away? What new more mature parameters have come in?

  • In what area of life are you having to be heroic? Or have been heroic? It’s good to recognise that!

Overall the journey of Saturn through Sagittarius since December 2014 reveals how we engage and enjoy the adventure of life, the expansion of consciousness on Earth, from a place of real response-ability. It’s about unlimited presence within the apparent confines of a human body and energy system. It’s about recognising we are unlimited as consciousness but there are definitive rhythms and systems of law we live within as a human being on Earth. Those rules and laws – both inner and collective – will become a key focus as Saturn moves through Capricorn from 19 December 2017 to 2020. Key reflection on this current gathering up process will serve us well for the next journey.

Key points in the process:

For a week up to 23 December: The need to let go of expectations and plans, and any mental gymnastics, to simply flow with what is in the best way possible, with good grace.

Mercury stations direct square Great Dissolver Neptune in Pisces on 23 December

6 January: Key insights into this process since 3 December, waking up the power of renewal in the face of old stories or beliefs.

Mercury trine Great Awakener Uranus in Aries, square Rainbow Bridge Chiron in Pisces

11-13 January: The beginning of a new cycle is activated. Time to move forward, build bridges and ground new understandings.

Mercury crosses his retrograde shadow and conjunct Wise Elder Saturn in Capricorn

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