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There’s a great generosity of spirit around this year. It’s calling us to deepen our commitment to grounding real evolution in our human lives and to let integrity lead. Opening the way, in both his sign position and aspects to other planets, is Jupiter the great Blessing-giver. Jupiter, the largest planet in our universe is the bringer of Grace, abundance, magnanimity, expansion and freedom. His Hindu counterpart is Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. And where is this bounty arriving? In the deep water sign Scorpio.

Before we explore the blessings of Jupiter in Scorpio, let’s take a look at one of the planets he is aligning with this year. Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, has been in earthy Capricorn since January 2008. Capricorn is the final Earth sign. The sign of the elder, it’s where we reach for and discover the pinnacle of our life’s experience and accomplishment. It’s the sign of rules – our own and our culture’s. Capricorn is where we learn to take response-ability for our self and our life, where we are challenged in self-mastery. It’s where we make things real on every level; it’s the sign of manifestation. We can see Pluto’s journey through Capricorn in the instability of our social and governmental structures. For Pluto is the de-constructor of what no longer serves our lives. His energy is relentless and choice-less. It’s the inevitable processes of regeneration that first destroy old systems of living, opening space for renewal. Anyone who’s currently awake to our required process of evolution on Earth (and if you’re reading this you must be awake to some degree) will be seeing this process of destabilisation and destruction in our world. Pluto is a big player in our own growth processes too. There’s probably not one of us reached an awakening point without Pluto being involved in some way. Divorce, loss and grief, painful challenges, these are all Pluto’s realm. He’s the truth that life IS change we cannot control. Yet he also calls us deep understanding of the part and the power we play in this game of life.

To play the game of life with expansive understanding, optimism and abundance is where Jupiter comes in this year. For Jupiter brings opportunity where Pluto has been creating space through destruction. Jupiter stands for a positive outlook, enthusiasm, the opportunity that arrives just when we need it, the harvest of a period of suffering. Jupiter opens doors. Yet the key is we have to walk through. We know Jupiter’s harvest when we engage the adventure of life, despite the risk. Life is always a risk. Sometimes we need to find willingness, courage or daring – true grit - to take an opportunity. Yet Jupiter in Scorpio eases the way. Many of us know this deep water sign as the ruler of transformation and rebirth. Scorpio’s reputation precedes it, as it’s perhaps the most complex sign of the zodiac, and certainly the most intense. Scorpio is where we experience both the blessings and shadows of intimacy, sex, divorce/birth/death and money – the places we know profound connection, and/or get emotionally caught up. It’s a place many fear to tread yet Scorpio is the sign of emotional intelligence and deep deep connection. It’s a potential powerhouse of intimacy. It’s where we uncover what’s hidden: not only our motivations, what we’re passionate about, what’s core important to us as individuals but the Mystery of Life. It’s also where with Grace we are touched by the Mystery through core experiences like the passing of a loved one or the power of birth. Jupiter travelling through Scorpio for most of this year opens up these spheres of our life so we may understand our self deeply, become more honest and authentic, transform with greater ease, ride the wave of the Mystery at play. It supports us in seeing the true purpose of our lives and our challenges. It opens the space for opportunity to arise from transformation. It brings us blessings from the deep. It’s the meaning behind that Zen saying ‘No mud, no lotus’. In Jupiter’s understanding we know the mud is essential to the lotus, for it feeds it. It’s part of the creation of its beauty.

This year there’s an energetic link between Blessing-giver Jupiter and Lord of the Underworld Pluto until November when Jupiter moves into its own sign Sagittarius. Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio, plus Jupiter and Pluto meet in sextile aspect three times (15 January, 14 April, 12 September) making their synergy extra-potent. A sextile means these two planets are communicating and co-operating, supporting us in opening deeper to their opportunities. Sextiles mean we can utilise both energies creatively. The space Pluto has been making in our lives can now be filled with deep understanding of life’s processes, creative potential and growth. This week’s aspects are a real pointer to the foundation of that creative potential in your life for this year. Where is the bud of new life calling in your life? And where is the mud that’s feeding it? This week we’re being equipped with the grace and grit, and the opportunity, to connect with what’s truly important in our lives for the year.

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