The Courage to be Your Self

Every six months we experience an eclipse cycle. The eclipses are like supercharged new & full moons and activate change in our consciousness that has been subtly developing on other frequencies. Often this occurs through events or experience that wake us up to new possibilities, or reveal our shadow plays. We may be impelled to act as a response to those potentials or to unexpected change. The current eclipse cycle sits astride the Leo/Aquarius axis in the zodiac. It began on 10 February 2017 and finishes on 20 January 2019. To understand the processes and growth themes involved in this cycle let’s explore those two signs involved.

Leo is the sign of the heart, creative expression and natural leadership. It’s a sign with great generosity of spirit; the place we play, romance, enjoy and have fun. In the cycle of development through the zodiac Leo represents the state of young adulthood. It’s where we begin to know who we are as an individual, have the confidence to express that (or not, depending on the inner foundation we have developed) and venture out into the world with the courage to be our self.

Aquarius sits opposite Leo in the zodiac wheel. It’s the sign of originality and equality, the rebel, the pioneer and inventor. It also signifies the group and collective. Where Leo rules the heart, Aquarius rules the higher mind. It’s about how we express our self as an individual yet within a group of like-minded individuals, brothers and sisters within the collective of humanity. Aquarius is where we experience friendship and find our tribe.

Leo and Aquarius share similarities in that they’re both fixed signs. The fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) are the maintainers of the zodiac. They stabilise and anchor the new beginnings introduced by their preceding cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Change doesn’t come easily to the fixed signs. It goes against their inclination and their natural gift for stabilising change. So eclipses in fixed signs highlight the necessity of change where we’ve become too static or secure….. where stability has become stasis.

If we look at an individual’s evolution through Leo and Aquarius they reveal the stages of development with our self confidence and a sense of belonging within the collective – that could be the tribe of origin, peer group, work organisation, social or spiritual group and so on. Each of these phases sits on its own, builds towards the next phase yet also spirals around to its beginning again. For any cycle of development is a spiral, potentially rising into higher frequencies of consciousness, whilst embracing and transforming the unrefined levels of human experience.

Phase 1:

Leo – the freedom and natural playfulness of the child developing its sense of self

Aquarius - where that child learns it belongs in the larger sphere of the collective (broader family sphere, friends, school class, social groups)

Shadow themes – shyness, insecurity, lack of confidence, not fitting in

Phase 2:

Leo – adolescence, dating, discovering our unique creative expression, connecting through the heart

Aquarius – discovering levels of intelligence, the quirky/rebellious phase as a necessary detachment from family or childhood security (yet also diving back into it when challenged), broadening a sense of belonging to peer group and discovering a new tribe.

Shadow themes – awkwardness, anti-social behaviour from a need to assert individuality or as a cry for help,

Phase 3:

Leo - heart development, the experience of love and being loved, confidence to shine as oneself, taking a natural lead in one’s life

Aquarius - recognising the impersonality of life, pioneering and inventive, cultivating a spirit of equality, brotherhood/sisterhood, finding and committing to the social and group structures that help one make a difference in the world, playing the catalyst to invoke positive change

Shadow themes: playing the diva or hogging centre-stage, a constant need for validation, being quirky or rebellious for the sake of it, disconnected from life/others, overly identified with intellect, off the planet, extremes of behaviour

Phase 4

Leo: living with fully heart-centred consciousness, growing in ever-opening and unfolding frequencies of Love and connection with oneself and others

Aquarius: living from ever-finer frequencies of awareness, connected in to Authentic Self, collective orientation

Looking at these evolutionary states of being shows us the unfolding synergy between the heart/mind, personal/impersonal, individual/collective in our lives represented by Leo and Aquarius. As individuals we will take differing routes through this cycle. Leo is personal, takes everything to heart: Aquarius impersonal and detached. It’s the synergy of human experience and energetic frequency. The eclipses bring the themes of this particular cycle to the foreground of our experience.

These next few weeks bring us two more eclipses in the current cycle. You could say we’re at the halfway mark in this cycle of development. And yet each cycle builds on the previous. For instance this one goes back to 1999. The first eclipse in this current cycle is imminent: Total Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday 31 January at 13.27GMT at 11 Leo. The next is a Solar Eclipse on Thursday 15 February at 21.06GMT at 27 Aquarius. Over the next few weeks discovering the courage to be your self from a deeper sense of heart connection and belonging is a primary theme, particularly within relationships. The places we are under-developed in this growth cycle - where we feel awkward, where we play small or act big, where we’re overly attached or detached, favour mind over heart or vice versa, will be being highlighted. It’s a time of change and unfolding potential. What is your heart calling to fully express? What are your relationships calling for? Who are your tribe? What part do you play within that tribe and where is it calling for uplift? The eclipses are places of energetic revelation – a shifting of light and dark that opens doors in consciousness. Simply so we can see with awareness, step up and consciously become our next level of heart-connected intelligent Self - together.

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