It's a Paradox

Life is a paradox and the finer our consciousness the more we realise this… in truth there’s nothing to hold on to, yet here we are in bodies navigating our way through the chaos and beauty of life on Earth with its flow of continual change. A zodiac sign that knows this paradox more than most perhaps is Aquarius. Ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, planets that represent stability and sudden change respectively, the energy of Aquarius the Water-bearer, sits astride both the existing and the emerging paradigm.

Aquarian energies are uprising in our consciousness currently due to eclipse season and the presence of the Moon’s South Node in Aquarius until November. The South Node represents the past, established patterning and karma - those places in our lives that are ‘done’ or where we need to let go. This upcoming Solar Eclipse at 27 Aquarius 21.06 on Thursday 15 February therefore, although a New Moon, brings awareness to those places in our lives calling for completion.

If we explore the Aquarian quality of paradox we may find insight on the themes of this next Eclipse. Aquarius represents the collective and the uniqueness of the individual. It’s about Oneness yet individualism. It represents the rebel, yet the rebel finding their cause within a group. It stands for technology and how social media may both connect and disconnect us from each other. It stands for New Age ideals and healing, where we may discover a finer frequency of living consciousness yet become detached from levels of humanness. It signifies the pioneer, the inventor, the abstract ideal that is endeavouring to manifest and the eccentric or idealist lost in concepts of utopia. Aquarius shows us the extreme. In balance it’s brotherhood and sisterhood, it's true friendship, it’s social experimentation and innovation, it’s humanitarian and androgynous, it’s an open minded discussion or open relationship. It’s about living from a higher ideal. Certainly it gives rise to the understanding and potential living of the truth that, although we may resist it, change is the only certainty.

With the Solar eclipse conjunct the Moon’s South Node it’s actually the Aquarian shadow that may more prominent at this eclipse. The shadow of Aquarius is inaccessibility, erratic and unpredictable. It may be chaotic, fragmented and disconnected. It’s where individualism becomes isolation, idealism may become extreme and innovation becomes rebellion for the sake of it. This week our extremes, the places we disconnect, or simply don’t care, may well become visible. Asteroid Goddess of Relationship Juno and Messenger Mercury are both conjunct the Eclipse, signifying that relationship is where we need to be exploring, growing and letting go. Eclipses are change-makers. Where we’re asleep to their potential for finer consciousness we may be shocked into change. When we engage them with consciousness they can be doorways into new life. Key questions for this Solar Eclipse:

Where do your old concepts about yourself, or another, particularly in a relationship or group setting, need renewing?

Where might your high ideals need a touch of humanity?

What edges are calling to soften? What disconnections to heal?

Where might you need not to throw the baby out with the bath water? But use your loving discernment?

Where in your life might you need to sprinkle some fairy dust?

Where might you have dug your heels in too long?

There is no ‘how’ with eclipses, the ‘how’ is revealed through events or inner shifts that open a door into new consciousness and experience. Eclipses herald new emerging states of consciousness that have been brewing away since the last set of eclipses. The true Aquarian energy is stabilised yet progressive, unafraid to introduce change where it’s needed and where it serves a higher ideal. In its balance it’s truly humanitarian. Yet nothing in life is static. The sign that follows Aquarius, Pisces, gives us some clues to the evolution of Aquarius energies too. These are qualities we do well to reflect on when meeting these eclipse energies, particularly with Venus Goddess of Love in residence in Pisces until 4th March. Pisces reveals how to bring tenderness and compassion to our disconnection, forgiveness to those old places of separation, spaciousness to our ideals and the true spirit of Oneness to life as a reality rather than a concept. We’re currently on a bridge between the emerging Age of Aquarius and the dissolving edge of the Piscean Age. To cross this bridge well we need to gather the true gifts of Pisces love and compassion to soften and humanise the Aquarian ideals. We need to walk the fine edge of stability and innovation where old and new meet and both are honoured for their true value. That place is the Heart. When we’re in balance isn’t it the Heart that creates real connection? And isn’t that especially true with our self? More blogs on Eclipses energies here

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