The Soul's Yearning

We’re in for a change in rhythm soon; you may be feeling it already? For on 9 March Blessing-giver Jupiter, currently in Scorpio, stations retrograde. Jupiter is the largest planet in our universe and has a reputation for opening doors of opportunity. In Scorpio, the sign of the underworld, this applies to our deepest desires, our passions, our psychic perception, and our emotional and intimate connections. Jupiter in Scorpio loves the Mystery and is compelled by a mystery. In the sign of secrets, transformation, death and rebirth, Jupiter points us towards our deeper layers of connection and disconnection. It’s about uncovering ‘truth’ in its multi-faceted nature. Personally and collectively it’s a deep dive in honesty and integrity. We’ve already seen a shift in a more open direction with the #me too campaign. With Jupiter changing track on March 9th whatever’s been opening on this theme since October 2017 for you is coming to a new understanding. More on Jupiter in Scorpio in my recent blogs ‘The Dance of Light & Shadow’ & 'Grace & Grit

Travelling with Jupiter over his year in Scorpio is a little known asteroid, Psyche. Our word ‘psychology’ comes from Psyche; psyche in this instance referring to the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious. In the Greek language ‘Psyche’ is the word for ‘butterfly’ or ‘soul’ and both images give rise to potential understanding of her nature. Her mythology charts Psyche’s journey from mortal woman to Goddess through her initial encounter with love in the form of Eros (aka Cupid) and the tasks that follow it. It is a metaphor for the soul’s journey from humanity to divinity and for the butterfly’s stages of development to emerge in delicate beauty and free flight.

In her journey Psyche is given four tasks by Goddess of Love Aphrodite (aka Venus) that drive her to mature. These four tasks comprise sorting the seeds; retrieving golden fleece from the flesh-eating rams; collecting water from the river of life and death and descending into the underworld to claim the Box of Beauty from Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. These tasks are symbolic of the initiations we face in our own journey to maturity, deep self-understanding and true love. Psyche’s calling to intimacy, her vulnerability, delicacy and tenderness must discover strength and resilience. Her journey in Scorpio from November 2017 to October 2018 equips her with courage to find the truth of love, nothing less will do. We are all making this journey, whether we know it or not. In immersing ourselves in Psyche’s mythology we may find signposts for our own development in emotional maturity, intimate connection and the full expression of love.

During Psyche’s journey through Scorpio she meets with Blessing-giver Jupiter twice. This is a potent and rich opportunity for perception of our deepest soul desires, what challenges them and what we might do about that. The first conjunction was 28 January and Psyche continues to travel close to Jupiter through to mid March. The next encounter will be late May through to September and this is a hugely potent time for understanding what we crave from love – with Psyche this is pure love - and the soul’s yearning for union through relating. Scorpio is the deepest of signs. Intensity and passion are key words. With Psyche and Jupiter our soul desires will be deeply calling. It may be that you already know this subtle yet powerful yearning for something you cannot quite name? The next six months are the perfect time to dive into a deeper understanding and embodiment of what that yearning signifies.

For more on Psyche’s journey I invite you to explore my upcoming online course “Psyche’s Seeds – Pregnant with Possibility’ starting 17 April.

Sculpture: Psyche revived by Cupid's Kiss by Antonio Canova

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