A Re-balancing Act

March 22, 2018


Messenger Mercury stations retrograde at 16 Aries, at 01.19GMT on 23 March, beginning his first retrograde of 2018.


Mercury in Aries is direct, forthright and impulsive..... this is the sign of Spring, the drive to initiate and express. With Mercury retrograde in this first sign of the zodiac it's a time when the impact of our thoughts, words and communications are under the spotlight. We become more aware of what's not working in our lives, what needs reviewing, rebalancing and healing.


Aries is the Warrior energy of the zodiac - direct and immediate, reactive rather than responsive. The Warrior simply acts. This is about how we use our will and drive, where and how anger is fuelled or repressed, where our natural aliveness and spontaneity is vibrant and awake, or subdued. With Aries ruler, Mars currently in Capricorn, and Mercury meeting Wise Elder Saturn, also in Capricorn, in square aspect three times between 11 March and 25 April, the key theme of this retrograde is a mature sense of discipline and boundaries, versus the places we use repression and control to stifle a healthy sense of self assertion. It's a time of revelation, clarity and healing around reactivity, anger, use of will and force. This retrograde is pointing to the synergy between fiery passion of Aries and the discipline of Capricorn. Together they create the full artistic expression of the dancer, the clarity and precision of the martial arts expert, the clarity of a mature 'No!' and the masterful expression of a passion fully honed.


With Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn also in this potent mix via Mercury squares, this is an intense period. Black Moon Lilith holds the key to the full expression of Feminine power which lies under our collective distortions around the creative nature of the Sacred Feminine. The squares between Mercury, planet of the mind and communication, and Black Moon Lilith show us where we're holding on, controlling and suppressing the natural expansive and expressive power of Feminine energy. These squares equal the inner tension between our old boundaries, 'what's allowed' and the need to simply say it or do it without inhibition.  We each have to find our natural balance of healthy assertion from the extremes of suppression and explosion. This phase will show us where that synergy lies. it's a period where we can grow self-awareness and confidence about fully being and expressing ourselves with maturity, passion and spontaneity.


Mercury is retrograde until 15 April, travelling between 16 and 4 degrees of Aries. Key phases (some of which occurred before the Mercury retrograde station but which repeat) are as follows:


11 March: Mercury square Saturn in Capricorn at 8 Aries and Capricorn

The impulse to initiate or express new ideas meets practicalities, boundaries and/or limitations, internal or external reflecting internal


16 March: Mercury trine the Moon's North Node at 14 Aries & Leo

Inspiration flowing into the next phase. The synergy of new ideas and expression of your heart's calling


23 March: Mercury stations retrograde at 16 Aries


27 March: Mercury square Black Moon Lilith exact  at 15 Aries and Capricorn

Tensions mount between the desire to express or move forward and boundaries, limitations, perceived rules or inner controls. It may be felt as "I want to but I can't'.


30 March: Mercury trine the Moon's North Node at 13 Aries & Leo

Next phase from 16 March. What was seen or communicated reaches its next phase. A rethink or review perhaps?


4 & 5 April: Mercury square Warrior Mars and Wise Elder Saturn conjunct at 9 Capricorn

Next phase from 11 March. A strongly focused energetic meeting of power, discipline, maturity versus the desire to be spontaneously expressive, perhaps angry or wilful. A key few days in the Mercury retrograde journey.


14 April: Mercury station direct (beginning to move forward) at 4 Aries


25 March: Mercury direct square Saturn in Capricorn at 9 Aries and Capricorn

Key learning from the retrograde period (and from 11 March, 4/5 April) arises in a synergy of focus, clear intention and action. The way forward becomes clearer


6 May: Mercury direct square Black Moon Lilith at 19 Aries and Capricorn

New levels of self confidence and Feminine empowerment available for creative expression, as healthy boundaries and levels of self assertion.


For more on Mercury retrograde see The Wisdom of Timing & A Necessary Pause


Art: Dance of Passion by Leonid Afremov 


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