Playing by the Rules?

There’s a strong focus on the sign of Capricorn during April. It’s been building since December 2017 when Wise Elder Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, entered his own sign. This month sees us get to grips with what this three year transit means in our lives. Saturn joins fellow heavyweights Lord of the Underworld Pluto (in Capricorn 2008-2023) and Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith (in Capricorn November 2017-August 2018). This is a serious line-up, not without its challenges but with many gifts to be unearthed. Capricorn, the last earth sign, is where we manifest. It’s the sign of realism, maturity and attainment. It’s about authority, responsibility and that old-fashioned word, honour. Capricorn is also where we are called, sometimes forced (not too strong a word in this case), to conserve, to build step-by-step, to discover strength and resourcefulness, and often, to wait. Its symbol, the goat with the fish’s tail, reveals that Capricorn (and his planet Saturn) is where we develop wisdom about the whole of earth experience. It’s no wonder Capricorn is the sign of the wise elder.

If you look at the physical planet Saturn you’ll see he has rings. This is pertinent to his energy. In the universe Saturn is a gateway between the personal and transpersonal planets. He symbolises the outermost perimeter of the ego’s structure. He’s the wall that creates ‘me’ as a separate entity and the boundaries that define me as distinct from you. More than that however he represents how I define myself according to the rules. Those rules may be outlined in diverse ways: by myself, my conditioning, by society or my culture. And then of course there are the natural laws of being in a body on the Earth. Saturn is where we experience the necessary structure to grow a healthy fulfilling life. He holds us in a place until we are mature enough for the next stage. He also represents where that structure may become a limitation or constraint – either where we hold ourselves back, or where we’re hankering to move on but need to learn.

If we consider the process of growing up – another Capricorn/Saturn field of life – it’s clear to see we have all been conditioned. That conditioning contributes to both the creation of my sense of self and to a particular framework within society into which I fit or not. If we’ve grown to a healthy level of maturity there will be places we have discarded our conditioning and society’s norms and created our own structure for living. This is part of the process of taking responsibility for oneself. We learn to play by our own rules, to some degree or other. If we look at that word ‘rules’ we’ll see it applies both within the structure of society and internally. Externally that structure is represented by our systems of government, education, law and so on. It can express on a range from oppression, control and power to simple organisational necessity. Internally Saturn stands for the integrity of being a mature self yet also where we govern or constrain ourselves. It’s the shadow of received authority or force, giving rise to ‘should’, ‘can’t, or ‘not allowed’. It’s a place of both authenticity through growth maturity and integrity, usually through ‘the school of hard knocks’. It’s also where we experience a degree of powerlessness through self-doubt or control, for how many of us can say we’re truly free to be ourselves?

Since 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn, along with the energy of Saturn & Black Moon Lilith there now, the shadows of false authority, control and oppression are becoming much more evident both in our world, and in ourselves - as is integrity. The energy of Saturn doesn’t let us get away with anything. He is the Lord of Karma after all. With Pluto as the Great Destroyer and Black Moon Lilith as the power of the rising Sacred Feminine, our maps for living are under scrutiny and intense transformation. Where they are based in honesty, maturity, accountability and a true sense of contribution to our world (Capricorn and Saturn’s code of honour) a harvest is due. Manifestation is the gift of this last earth sign, and it comes in right time. Where our life structures are found lacking in integrity, where we are playing too small for our sacred purpose, or where a grounded foundation is lacking, there will be learning. Saturn is a great teacher planet. In his essence, he’s like the father who holds you in your right place until you can cross the threshold for yourself. Where you cross the line too early, or try to avoid the learning or the required work, he comes in strong and stern. Perhaps you remember those words from childhood ‘It’s for your own good’? That’s Saturn. Key question is: are you mature enough now to accept that it might be? It’s about being to able to live with oneself.

In case you’re wondering; this journey is not just about the tough stuff. The Great Awakener planet Uranus enters earthy Taurus in May. This brings Saturn and Uranus into harmonious connection. Uranus is a rule-breaker! He’s the rebel and innovator of the zodiac. This synergy brings a sense of freedom and lightness to Capricorn’s heaviness through July into October. Insights will be forthcoming about uplifting the structures of our earth lives and deeply caring for the environment. This is just the beginning, yet a deeply potent one, for it’s deeply real and connected to our humanity and the Earth. What we’ve been downloading as consciousness will be finding its rightful place here.

Back to now: Messenger Mercury, currently travelling retrograde in Aries, is calling our attention to Capricorn’s message now, with a series of tense squares. You can find the detail for this, plus other major Capricorn turning points in April, below…

Aspects coming up:

4 April: Messenger Mercury retrograde in Aries square Wise Elder Saturn in Capricorn: Words are a focus. Too forceful or held back? Balance of authenticity may be a challenge

5 April: Messenger Mercury retrograde in Aries square Warrior Mars in Capricorn: As yesterday but with a focus on action –disciplined is a good measure

11 April: The Sun in Aries square Lord of the Underworld Pluto in Capricorn:

Impulsiveness meets intensity. The need to win may be strong. You may but there’s surely a cost.

14 April: Blessing-giver Jupiter in Scorpio sextile Lord of the Underworld Pluto in Capricorn (2nd of 3 meetings): An opportunity for in-depth understanding around power. For more on this long-term aspect see my blog Grace & Grit

17 April: Wise Elder Saturn stations retrograde at 9 Capricorn: Saturn begins his journey back over old ground – a period of integration of maturity from September 2017 to now. Saturn is retrograde until 5 September.

19 April: Warrior Mars conjunct Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn: Focus on Feminine power – owning your Feminine authority with true response-ability for the shadow

22 April: Lord of the Underworld Pluto stations retrograde at 21 Capricorn: Pluto begins his journey back over old ground – a period of integration of learning around power from December 2017 to now. Pluto is retrograde until 1 October

25 April: Messenger Mercury (now moving direct) in Aries square Wise Elder Saturn in Capricorn (3rd of 3 meetings): Insights and understanding into the full Mercury retrograde period around spontaneity and restraint, assertion and control, confidence and self-doubt.

26 April: Warrior Mars in Capricorn conjunct Lord of the Underworld Pluto in Capricorn: A force to be reckoned with. And it could be you. Huge opportunity for learning about authentic power.

6 May: Messenger Mercury square Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn: Reclaiming the power of right speech in the Sacred Feminine way.

18 May: Lord of the Underworld Pluto conjunct Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn: A deep dive in reclaiming the power of the Deep Sacred Feminine through facing the shadows of control, self-doubt, repression and cultural abuses. NB this aspect is in orb for the whole of May

For more on Saturn in Capricorn see my blog Gathering the Wisdom

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