Rewriting the Rules

Recently we’ve been traversing a phase where the desire to act, or move forward has been challenged by the need to wait. Our weather here in the northern hemisphere has been reflecting this through the yes/no of spring/winter. Just when we think the warmth of spring has arrived, the cold strikes again. This tension between what’s passing and what’s arising is reflected by the planetary aspects currently at play between the earth sign of Capricorn (winter) and the fire sign of Aries (spring). Where we may have wanted to put our foot on the gas pedal, we’ve had to slow down. This start/stop tension, although frustrating, has its purpose. It’s about real readiness; it’s about ‘doing the work’ before moving forward; it’s about reviewing, revisiting, reflecting and recognising there is a bigger picture at play than we currently realise.

We’re approaching a change in this start/stop dynamic as we come to mid-April. From 15th to 26th April we’re shifting into gear. As with the arrival of spring, or the ignition of any new phase, this is a tentative time of changing rhythms. New beginnings, although full of momentum, can be tender. Think of nature’s new shoots in spring, fresh and vital yet delicate. New life has incredible vigour but is fragile. Astrologically we’re in ‘spring’ territory. This arises in a few different ways. Blessing-giver Jupiter sextile Lord of the Underworld Pluto (second of three meetings Jan to September) suggests that revelations re core issues will provide fresh insight or open new doors around 15 April. It’s a time of significant potential as a series of long and short-term processes are completing and opening into new life. The New Moon at 26 Aries at 02.57GMT on 16th emerges just after Messenger Mercury stations direct at 4 Aries on 15th. On 17th Rainbow Bridge Chiron moves from watery last sign of the zodiac Pisces (where he’s been since February 2011) into Aries. Aries, as first sign of the zodiac, has huge focus at this time and signals we have ignition! Energies are rising. The engine may be revving but before we move off Capricorn is still ruling. This final earth sign shows us the points we need to take care of first.

Capricorn’s positive expression is about mature awareness of boundaries, reality and responsibilities; the capacity to know right timing and to wait; the ability to proceed slowly and steadily in a worthwhile endeavour; the wisdom of natural process and structure. More than anything Capricorn is about manifesting that which is worthwhile.

The sign of Capricorn is where we as consciousness in bodies on the Earth play by the rules. It’s where we adhere to both inner and external structures for living. Cleaning your teeth every day is a simple example. If you don’t do it, there are consequences. Capricorn is about response-ability. It’s also where we can feel bound by rules not of our making. Another take on the word ‘rules’ might be ‘reality’. And everyone’s reality is different. Some of us are constrained by inner ‘realities’ that may not be real but feel real, and we live by them. We might not be aware of this but that reality is there as an internal structure nonetheless. Even if our reality is to have no framework, that in itself is a ‘rule’. It’s our inner code of conduct. Some of us may have a broad framework for living, having developed the inner maturity and authority to live and manifest what we deem to be authentic and valuable. Most of us will be a mix …. where the inner structure of conditioning meets the expanding edge of our evolution. Evolution is the stretching of those boundaries into new paradigms. It’s about the meeting place of infinite consciousness and the self, in you.

Since early March we’ve been in this phase of exploring the boundaries of our reality; its structure and rules, the places we feel limited, constrained or blocked. When it’s difficult to move externally, if we are wise we begin to explore, and potentially shift, internally. The shadows of emotion revealed when we feel powerless or can’t control situations may contain frustration, a sense of futility or self doubt … the expressions of our patterning are diverse. Nonetheless it’s about exploring, naming and potentially discarding the inner framework or reality that no longer works for us, in order that old energy is released for new life. If we are evolving we are constantly reframing our reality, re-writing the rules as we go. Capricorn, as final earth sign of the zodiac, is about how we rewrite, re-structure and manifest at new levels, climbing higher up the mountain of earth life as we go.

On 17th April the ruler of Capricorn, Wise Elder Saturn, stations retrograde. From this point he begins to take a back seat in our reality until September but for a few days his energy is more focused. Saturn and his sign Capricorn, mean maturity, reality and response-ability meet with the Aries fire of initiative. In this tension we get to see what we need to learn or let go, and potentially to rewrite, with regard to those internal realities. From 19th to 26th April Warrior Mars meets with Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith and Lord of the Underworld Pluto in Capricorn. During this period Pluto also stations retrograde and the Sun meets Great Awakener Uranus for the final time in Aries. This again is a closing and opening of a cycle from March 2011. Power with its use/misuse is a huge focus at this time, particularly in the masculine/feminine dynamics of relating. Assertion, will and drive, with the imbalance as anger or aggression are strongly emphasised. Events and experience during this period will reveal the next step up in authentic responsibility, the courage to do what is real, and the maturity required to fully be oneself. The forces at play here are huge. Wisdom in how we use energy is a key awareness during this phase. The capacity to say ‘no’ internally to being reactive is one of Capricorn’s gifts at this time… as is bringing a clear ‘No!’ of authority to external power plays. And that’s just one simple potential scenario. We’re being gifted the opportunity to rewrite the rules about what’s possible, what’s allowed and what’s right (without a wrong).

Capricorn’s symbol is the goat with the fish’s tail. This represents Capricorn’s capacity to climb the mountain of form from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the mountain, to learn and mature through earth experience. More than that however, the fish’s tail is rooted in the ocean of consciousness. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, is the gatekeeper between our existing earth reality and the finer consciousness of the outer planets. It’s a time of shifting energies through which we may learn and evolve. Capricorn with its reputation for sternness and Aries, sign of the Warrior, with its fiery impulsiveness, can be a forceful duo. In essence it’s a synergy of dark and light, power and potential, maturity and enthusiasm. Key awareness during this time: be kind to yourself, make space for your conscious practice and don’t forget to breathe. With the blessing of the Sun moving into Taurus, joining Goddess of Love Venus, the promise is grounding stability in this opportunity from 26th onwards.

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